Aloha, Hon!A friend and I have just returned from a...


June 19, 1994|By MARIE O. NEUBERGER

Aloha, Hon!

A friend and I have just returned from a month-long vacation in Hawaii. We spent the first week on Oahu and flew to the Kona side of the big island for the second week. It was there that we saw on television that the Pride of Baltimore II had been in Honolulu the previous week and we were so sorry that we had missed seeing her.

We flew to Maui for the remaining two weeks and on May 19, while driving north along the coast toward the beautiful old town of Lahaina, we saw this magnificent sailing ship heading in the same direction. Our first thoughts were that this must be "The Pride," but she was too far away from shore to be able to see what flags she was flying. We arrived in Lahaina at about the same time but she did not come into Mala Wharf; she fired her cannon in salute and kept going. We parked the car and found many people lining the beach admiring this ship. . . .

One old gentleman lent me his binoculars and, sure enough, she was flying the Maryland flag as well, of course, as the U.S. flag so my friend and I were able to tell everyone that she was, indeed, the Pride of Baltimore II.

Seeing this bit of Baltimore while so far from home was one of the many highlights of our trip.

Marie O. Neuberger


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