75 Years Ago* An injunction was filed in the Anne Arundel...


June 19, 1994|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

75 Years Ago

* An injunction was filed in the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court enjoining the state Board of Health from carrying into effect an order which would compel the mayor and City Council of Annapolis and the Annapolis Water Company to install and maintain a filtration plant by Jan. 1, 1920. -- The Sun, July 4, 1919.

* Camp Meade will cease to be a demobilization center after July 10, and the immense machinery now engaged in grinding out discharges for overseas men will be demobilized itself according to War Department orders sent to Brig. Gen. John B. Bennett. -- The Sun, July 4, 1919.

* Residents of Glenburnie are talking of forming a "vigilance committee" to drive out late night motorists who for about a year have been shouting and firing pistols in the streets and starting fights. -- The Sun, July 16, 1919.

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