Professional golfer Lee Janzen has been an Orioles fan...


June 16, 1994

Professional golfer Lee Janzen has been an Orioles fan ever since he lived in Westminster from 1970 through 1976. Though he moved to Florida at the age of 12, Janzen has stayed in touch with his beloved Birds. His attachment has even grown stronger the past couple of years through friendships with pitcher Mark Williamson and former Orioles reliever Gregg Olson. Janzen will be defending his U.S. Open title beginning today at Oakmont Country Club outside Pittsburgh. He spoke recently with The Sun's Don Markus.

Q: Have you always been a baseball fan?

A: I didn't play any sports until I moved to Maryland. The kids in the neighborhood I moved into had to show me how to hold a bat and throw a ball. They were Orioles fans, so I became one, too.

After I moved to Florida, I lost touch a little because the only chance I had to see them was on TV.

Q: How did you become friends with Mark Williamson?

A: His business manager lives in Phoenix, and we have mutual friends. He gave us Mark's number, and my wife called his wife. The four of us got together and had a great time. When we came into the area during the Kemper Open, Mark had us out at a game. I try to go to a few games every year. I went to the opener at Camden Yards right before last year's Masters.

Q: How did you feel about the Orioles not resigning Gregg Olson?

A: I was pretty upset, but I hope that everything works out for him in Atlanta. It's nice to see him getting back.

Q: Did you think about becoming part of the team's new ownership group?

A: Yeah, I put in a bid for $16. But nobody ever called.

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