In a letter to the editor published Thursday, the name of...


June 16, 1994

In a letter to the editor published Thursday, the name of the author of a previously published letter was spelled incorrectly. It was written by Charles N. Valenti.

* The Sun regrets the error.

Unholy Ideas

The Sun included an article by Frank Somerville re the pope's "last word" on female priests (June 1).

Mr. Somerville is an able reporter, but this time he included quotes only from those opposed to the pope's ruling. Good reporting would have included those who agree with Pope John Paul.


I and many like me are offended by the would-be females and their sycophants, the lunatic fringe of the Catholic Church, who in their arrogance would bestow holy order on themselves.

These are radical feminists, unholy nuns and fall-away priests and their discredited and disobedient brethren whom the body of the church disdains.

They are creating schisms and would do themselves and us a favor by leaving the church and seeking their own level some where else. Good riddance!

These people are politicizing the church and trying to induce divisive and disruptive scandal and schism.

The pope should declare the edict against women priests as dogma. That would force them to leave us in peace. They are the vociferous minority, guilty of the sins of pride and scandal, full of unholy ideas and wacko logic.

Good Catholic women emulate the Virgin Mary -- quiet, pious and obedient to God the Father.

Charles N. Valentin

Lewes, Del.

Sick Humor

Well, The Sun has done it again. You have shown your lack of decency and compassion by publishing Garry Trudeau's June 5 Doonesbury comic strip.

Teen-age suicide is not funny; it is tragic.

If you and Mr. Trudeau find humor in such comic strips, then you are sick.

Talk to any parents whose child was one of the thousands of teen-age suicides in America every year.

Ask them whether they are laughing, whether they appreciate the sick humor of cartoonist Trudeau.

Ask my wife and me whether we think the suicide of our beloved 19-year-old daughter was a laughing matter.

There is no greater tragedy than the suicide of a young person. It affects the family and our society in general.

The grief for those families is overwhelming and unlike any other grief they will ever bear. You who have not experienced such a tragedy do not understand.

But please, if you and Trudeau think teen-age suicide is funny, at least have the decency not to publish your perverted humor, especially in a widely-read comic strip.

In 1990, you published Art Buchwald's article "Hot Line for the Uninvolved," in which he ridiculed suicide and support groups.

You received letters (including mine) of protest and indignation. Evidently, you weren't impressed.

Jack Schanberger


Call Me John

It was with true delight that I read the May 29 article, "Doctor heads command post in war against illness," recognizing the hard work of Dr. John G. Bartlett.

I recently sat with my mouth agape when he said, "Why do you call me Dr. Bartlett? My name is John."

Everyone who has the opportunity to work with him is impressed by his intellect, dedication and inability to say no.

He is just a nice, unpretentious person.

Randy S. Berger, M.D.


Women Priests

One day's headline suggests 16 churches may be closed by the Roman Catholic Church due to shortage of funds and priests.

The next day, the pope strongly states that women may not become priests.

As one who enjoys and greatly appreciates the ministry of a woman priest in an Episcopal church, one can only feel sad at this news.

Alexander K. Barton

Sherwood Forest

Kemp's Words

At a fund-raising dinner at the Turf Valley Country Club, Jack Kemp said that he will vote for Ellen Sauerbrey, that this state needs Ellen Sauerbrey, that she will make the best governor this state has had in a long time, and that she is among the most respected state legislators in the nation.

The Sun reporter must have heard it differently. He said that Jack Kemp "stopped short" of endorsing Ellen Sauerbrey for governor. One of us must be wrong.

`Elizabeth Ward Nottrodt


Bay Safety

Sincere praises and thanks to your outdoors editor, Peter Baker, for his June 1 column, "Observation of precautions proves boaters' best life-preservers." Hopefully, his readers will take note and heed these necessary rules that could prevent them being part of the tragedies that have taken place on the water.

Peter Baker is joining the "life savers" with this kind of information.

Murph Hyman


Please Hold

Have you tried making a business call to Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. since they installed their new phone answering system?

Did you, too, find that they have achieved a new level of customer aggravation among service organizations in the area?

Frederick N. Holl

Bel Air

Seagirt's Value

Your reporter Suzanne Wooton made a good effort at explaining Seagirt in the June 5 business section, but she came up short on just a few facts.

Her first mistake was to claim that Seagirt Marine Terminal was the brainchild of then Mayor William Donald Schaefer. That's not true.

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