Shell explodes in rifle, injuring man

June 16, 1994

A 47-year-old Owings Mills man suffered injuries to his right hand when a powerful cartridge exploded as he jammed shut the bolt of a 1943 rifle at the Dug Hill Rod and Gun Club about noon yesterday.

Ronald E. Cappelini of Tollgate Road was taken to the Raymond M. Curtis Hand Center at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore for treatment. His condition was listed as good to stable by a hospital spokesman, who said Mr. Cappelini was to be operated on last night.

Tfc. John G. Carhart III said Mr. Cappelini had loaded a shell magazine into the model Moisen Nagant rifle and the top cartridge apparently became misaligned in the barrel of the weapon. The firing pin in the bolt of the rifle struck the primer of the cartridge, causing the explosion, the trooper said he was told by a companion of the victim's.

No one else was injured, and the bullet was not projected out the rifle's barrel. Trooper Carhart said the rifle was described as a 7.62 x 54 mm weapon.


* Hampstead: Hampstead responded to a trash container fire on Scarlet Oak Court at 9:42 p.m. Tuesday. Crews were out for 15 minutes.

Hampstead, Manchester and Lineboro were dispatched to a stove fire on Breezewood Lane at 8:03 p.m. Tuesday. Crews were out for 30 minutes.

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