Commission studies developer's petition

June 16, 1994

The Sykesville Planning Commission is preparing for an Aug. 1 public hearing on a developer's petition to rezone industrial land to residential.

The Planning Commission received the petition June 6 from David Moxley, owner of Raincliffe Center, a 32-acre property at Route 32 and Raincliffe Road.

Mr. Moxley said he has been unable to develop the property as a business center and would like to build 192 townhouses.

"The county also is aware that Mr. Moxley has asked for rezoning," said Mayor Kenneth W. Clark.

Councilman Jonathan Herman, who serves as chairman of the Planning Commission, said the commission may make its recommendation after the hearing.

"The Town Council has the final decision," said Mr. Herman. He hopes to have a report on the petition to council members by July 20.

County agencies also have received copies of the petition and are preparing reports, which should be available to the town in mid-July.

"I would like to see a detailed history of the property," said Councilman Garth Adams.

The council also wants to review facilities in South Carroll before making a decision.


* Sykesville: Sykesville responded to a call of wires arcing on Oklahoma Road at 8:57 p.m. Tuesday. Units were out for 15 minutes.

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