Sykesville to get trees from developers

June 16, 1994|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Sun Staff Writer

Trees planted along Sandosky Road will remind Sykesville residents of the town's 90th anniversary well into the next century.

The planting, which will take place later this month, commemorates the incorporation of Sykesville on May 3, 1904. While estimates for the cost of the project reach $10,000, it will not cost municipal taxpayers anything.

"The county has two Eldersburg developers who need places to plant trees as a result of the county reforestation ordinance," said Town Manager James L. Schumacher.

The developers will handle purchase and installation of the trees, he said.

The town will train an employee in the basics of tree care, pruning and pest management.

About 20 yellowwoods will line the northwest side of Sandosky, a main entry road that connects Route 32 to Main Street.

Clusters of flowering trees, probably hawthornes and crab apples, will be interspersed among the yellowwood street trees.

"We will plant about 15 feet from the sidewalks and fit the trees between gas and sewer lines," said Mr. Schumacher, who worked with the county division of Landscape and Forest Conservation on the tree selections.

The Town Council unanimously approved the project Monday.

"If a developer is willing to give us free trees, let's use them," said Councilman Jonathan Herman.

Town officials also plan to install a commemorative bronze plaque at the north end of Sandosky Road.

Mayor Kenneth W. Clark asked the council to decide on the wording for the plaque by the July 11 meeting.

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