Glen Burnie student charged with endangerment

June 16, 1994

A 17-year-old Glen Burnie High School student who allegedly put bleach in a classmate's eye-drop bottle Friday morning has been charged with reckless endangerment, county police said.

School officials reported the incident Monday. The girl was issued a juvenile citation and released to her parents Tuesday, said county police spokesman Officer Randy Bell.

Six witnesses were in the home economics class at 10 a.m. One saw the suspect allegedly reach into the victim's book bag, take out her one-ounce, plastic eye drop bottle and empty the contents out in a sink, police said.

The suspect then immersed the empty bottle in bleach, filled it and put it back in the victim's purse, police said.

A classmate warned the intended victim, who then checked the bottle and put a drop of the bottle's contents on her blue jeans. The spot turned white, Officer Bell said.

The young woman, the teacher, the suspect and the witnesses gave written statements at the assistant principal's office, Officer Bell said. Reckless endangerment is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not exceeding $5,000 or imprisonment not exceeding five years or both, according to Officer Bell.

Midgie Sledge, the principal of Glen Burnie High School, said that the student suspected of putting bleach in the eye drop bottle has been suspended, but would not say when she was suspended or for how long.

"The incident is still being investigated and there is no resolution yet," Ms. Sledge said.

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