School administrators vote for CASE to represent them

June 15, 1994|By Mary Maushard | Mary Maushard,Sun Staff Writer

Baltimore County school supervisors and administrators have agreed to have the Council of Administrative and Supervisory Employees (CASE) represent them in contract negotiations with the school board beginning next year.

By a vote of 303 to 118, the schools' administrative personnel chose CASE to be their first independent bargaining agent over the Maryland State Teachers Association, which lobbied hard for their affiliation.

If the county school board certifies CASE as the official bargaining unit, it will start representing the nearly 600 administrators in negotiations for the 1995-1996 contract.

Until now, administrators have been represented by the Teachers Association of Baltimore County.

Administrators in CASE include principals, assistant principals, pupil personnel workers, supervisors, coordinators, directors and managers.

CASE members have talked about separating from TABCO "on and off for years" because they did not feel that a teachers organization could adequately represent those who essentially are the managers of the school system and, thus, teachers' immediate bosses, said Stephen Ponzillo, CASE president.

Last fall, a poll of members indicated that they wanted to proceed with the separation, and CASE told the school board in November that it intended to form a separate bargaining unit.

"The first issue will be compensation," said Mr. Ponzillo, who is principal of Ridgely Middle School.

"We need to call the system's attention to the fact that the administrators are 18th in the state" in salaries.

Mr. Ponzillo said CASE, which has existed as a lobbying and professional organization for administrators, will reorganize to carry out its bargaining responsibilities, if it receives board certification.

The current officers will serve until fall, and a new slate will take over Oct. 1, he said.

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