Tavern-owning candidate, would-be robbers get into shootout

June 15, 1994|By Glenn Small | Glenn Small,Sun Staff Writer

You don't have to ask Anthony J. "Tony" Narutowicz where he stands on gun control.

The 61-year-old tavern owner, who is also a candidate for the House of Delegates from Dundalk, and his partner shot it out with two armed robbers outside a Dundalk bank yesterday and sent the bandits packing. Baltimore County police believe the pair hit at least one of their assailants.

Police said Mr. Narutowicz, who owns a Dundalk tavern and package goods store, and one of his partners, James Vadas, 55, were leaving the Maryland National Bank branch in the 8900 block of Wise Ave. about 1 p.m. when two men in a van pulled into the parking lot and opened the door. At least one of them was pointing a semiautomatic handgun.

"They said, 'Give me the money,' " Mr. Narutowicz recalled last night from his business, Mickey's Package Liquor Store, at North Point Boulevard and Snyder Avenue. "I didn't give them the money. I work too hard for it."

Instead, Mr. Narutowicz pulled his .38-caliber handgun, and Mr. Vadas pulled his own weapon. They blazed away at the would-be robbers, who returned fire, then sped off.

"We don't encourage this," E. Jay Miller, a county police spokesman, said of the shootout with the robbery suspects. "In this case, the good guys won."

He said police are not pressing charges against the tavern keepers.

Mr. Narutowicz said he bumped his right arm as he ducked for cover but was none the worse for wear after the shootout.

"I'm fine," he said. "Hey, listen, you got to protect yourself. We didn't have time to call 911. . . . Even if we had given them the money, they still would have shot us."

Mr. Vadas was not hurt, and no bystanders were injured, police said.

The same could not be said for one or both of the suspects, Mr. Miller said.

Moments after the shootout, county police found the stolen 1978 Ford Econoline van in the 4600 block of North Point Road.

Mr. Miller said police found blood on the driver's seat.

"We think there was enough blood that he was wounded seriously enough to seek medical treatment," said Mr. Miller. "So we're checking with the hospitals."

Mr. Narutowicz, a longtime member of Democratic Central Committee who is running for a 7th District House of Delegates seat, said last night that he and Mr. Vadas have permits to carry their guns.

As for the voting public, Mr. Narutowicz said, "They'll know how I feel on gun control."

In case there's doubt, he's against it.

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