Feeling at homeThe first week, there was an intimidation...


June 13, 1994|By KEN MURRAY

Feeling at home

The first week, there was an intimidation factor. The second week, Karl Nieberlein felt more at home. As he should have.

Nieberlein, a rookie offensive tackle, is a local hero with the CFL Colts. He started four years for Towson State, the training camp home of the Colts. The longer he plays, the more comfortable he gets.

"I think I've pretty much held my own, [especially] coming from a smaller school," said Nieberlein, 23. "I'd like to think I'm going to make the team, or at least be on the practice squad."

Offensive coordinator and line coach Steve Buratto says he likes Nieberlein's athleticism. "He's got a good aggressive streak in him," Buratto said. "He's been well trained."

And, yes, Nieberlein admits feeling pressure with familiar faces watching. "But I try not to let it bother me," he said. So far, so good.

The epicenter

How quick is the Colts' pass rush? Rush ends O.J. Brigance and Lorenza Baker met helmet-to-helmet in the backfield yesterday. "Almost knocked me out," said Brigance.

Free Jearld

To ensure that nose tackle Jearld Baylis doesn't have to face a double-team every play, coach Don Matthews will flip-flop him with the other defensive tackle. That means somebody like Robert Presbury will line up over the nose sometimes, freeing Baylis to get a one-on-one matchup.

Almost perfect

Quarterback Tracy Ham was 5-for-6 in the team's no-huddle period. He was intercepted by cornerback Karl Anthony on the only non-completion.

Going deep

Kicking without a live rush, Donald Igwebuike hit three of three field goal attempts from 55 yards. Ian Howfield and Josh Miller each hit one of three.

Playing host to the stars

Colts owner Jim Speros said he's close to completing details of a plan to bring the Chesapeake Classic, matching Maryland's scholastic all-stars against Virginia's all-stars, to Memorial Stadium on July 24. He plans to have the stars introduced at the Colts' home game against the Shreveport Pirates the night before.

Owner feted

Speros, who raised $10,000 with a golf tournament for the Save-a-Heart Foundation, will receive the organization's fTC Humanitarian Award of the year Saturday night.


Karl Nieberlein

Pos.: OT

Ht: 6-5

Wt: 280

College: Towson State

Year: Rookie

Outlook: Made significant strides as one of the few players straight out of college. At 23, he's got the ingredients the Colts are looking for.

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