$107,000 in electronic gear stolen

June 13, 1994

A Louisiana man who was staying at a Holiday Inn in the 6600 block of Ritchie Highway Thursday afternoon told county police that someone broke into his truck parked on the lot and stole $107,000 worth of electronic equipment, officials said.

Jack Baird Irion, 41, of Kenner, La., discovered the theft about 6:30 p.m., police said. The items stolen included an $80,000 side scan sonar unit and a $15,000 geometrics magnetometer, Mr. Irion told police. The truck and the stolen property belong to R. Christopher Goodwin and Associates of New Orleans, police said.

Mr. Irion told police he went to his room at about 4 p.m., took a shower and rested a while. He went out to the truck to go to dinner and noticed that the window on the driver's side was down. He opened the door to roll up the window and noticed the property had been taken, police said.

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