Pasadena road closing is debated

June 13, 1994|By TaNoah V. Sterling | TaNoah V. Sterling,Sun Staff Writer

A shortcut to bypass one of Pasadena's most congested areas has become an issue between neighbors who want their peace and quiet and daily users who have become accustomed to the route.

County Councilman Carl G. "Dutch" Holland is considering a suggestion by Chelsea Beach residents that a section of Woods Road be closed off and traffic diverted onto the already crowded Mountain Road.

The proposal is an effort to prevent an increase in traffic on TC Woods Road -- and the neighborhoods surrounding it -- when the Lake Shore Sports Complex opens this fall.

The road-closing idea isn't popular with residents and daily users of that segment of Mountain Road.

"The people who live on the peninsula who use Woods Road as a through street weren't being properly informed of what they were considering doing," said Cliff Phelps of the Concerned Citizens of Mountain Road.

"The plan was in an advanced stage of consideration, and the people who use Woods Road every day didn't know about it."

Motorists northbound on Magothy Beach Road use Woods Road as a way around heavy traffic on Route 100 and Mountain Road. They pass through the Pine Crest and Chelsea Beach communities before reaching Mountain Road and heading south.

Mr. Holland said the residents of Chelsea Beach approached the county about 18 months ago looking for a way to limit traffic between Magothy Beach Road and Mountain Road.

County traffic engineers devised several plans to alleviate traffic, but Mr. Holland said the community preferred that the portion of Woods Road between Magothy Beach Road and 11th Street be closed.

"The suggestion was brought to me by the residents. Whether that's the answer to their concerns remains to be seen," Mr. Holland said.

The councilman said he has some reservations about the idea. Response for emergency vehicles would be slowed by the road's closing, Mr. Holland said.

"The closing of Woods Road at 11th Street may not be the solution," he said.

Frank Halgas, president of the Greater Pasadena Council, said closing the road would not benefit the residents of Chelsea Beach or the people who use Woods Road.

"No road that's parallel to Mountain Road should be closed. Mountain Road is already an overloaded road," he said, adding that closing Woods Road would only encourage people to travel directly through the communities to get to the section of Woods Road that would remain open.

Mr. Holland said that an anonymous flier circulated in the Mountain Road area reported that Woods Road would be closed and that the councilman approved of the move.

He called the flier "a fictitious piece of garbage."

"This is just a suggestion the residents would like the county to consider," he said.

The councilman said he will submit suggestions, along with the results of some research, in two weeks to the public works director.

The Concerned Citizens of Mountain Road will meet with Mr. Holland at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Lake Shore firehouse to discuss the future of Woods Road. Members have invited residents of Chelsea Beach and Magothy Beach, and Jim Schroll, the county's chief traffic engineer.

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