Wooldridge repeats regatta title


June 12, 1994|By NANCY NOYES

Annapolis sailor Dave Wooldridge, last year's Cal 25 High Point Champion, did it again with his crew on Riders Up when he aced the annual Cal 25 National Championship Regatta last weekend.

In part because of scheduling conflicts with a major Great Lakes regatta, only one out-of-town crew, led by Stan Chiocchio of New Orleans, came to Annapolis for this year's championship, presented by the Shearwater Sailing Club.

Although the fleet size was held at nine boats as a result, and all were familiar to local sailors (Chiocchio chartered Tim Bloomfield's White Cap and had Bloomfield among his crew), competition was ferocious as the sailors made the most of two days of good breeze and tricky currents on four-legged windward-leeward courses between Tolley and Thomas points.

When the smoke cleared after the finish gun in the fifth and final race of the series, Wooldridge was first by a single point over Chiocchio, having moved up from second by a similar margin after Saturday's three races.

Sailing with Wooldridge were Jon Forst, Rich Wooldridge and Dan Hawthorne, with 15-year-old Dave Quinn doing the bow.

Cal 25 Nationals

1. Riders Up, Dave Wooldridge, Annapolis, 9.5 (2-1-4-1-2); 2. White Cap, Stan Chiocchio, New Orleans, La., 10.5 (3-2-1-4-1); 3. Chicken Little, Charlie Husar, Annapolis, 21.75 (1-4-5-6-5).

Clark and Stout win in Snipes

Reigning Snipe national champion skipper Doug Clark and crew Alex Stout of Annapolis scored a big win last weekend in Severn Sailing Association's Colonial Cup regatta, acing the event over a field of 31 starters, including some of the toughest competition in America.

Among the top sailors in the fleet were Olympic medalist newlyweds Jim and Julia Trotman Brady, U.S. Sailing Team member Henry Filter, perpetually tough veteran Sniper Bryan Fishback with Stout's wife Lorie as crew, and power sailor/Congressional Cup champion Terry Hutchinson and his bride, also new to the Snipe class.

The Brady/Brady team was leading at the start of the final race of the five-contest, one-throwout event. It racked up three bullets and a 10th-place finish despite having had only four days of sailing Snipes, using a fresh-out-of-the-box boat. Clark and Stout, with no finish worse than third, trailed by 1.5 points with the throwout calculated in.

"It all came down to the last race," Stout said. "We knew we were going to have to match race with [the Bradys], so after about three 360s at the start, we both peeled off for the line at about 20 seconds to go. Doug put us just enough on [Brady's] lee bow to keep him head to wind, and [Brady] got a third-row start; at the first mark we were third and he was 30th."

Colonial Cup

1. Clark/Stout, 6.75 (2-1-[3]-2-2); 2. Brady/Brady, 12.25 (1- [10]-1-1-10); 3. Filter/Newman, 13 (5-3-2-[11]-3); 4. Fishback/Stout, 14 (4-2-4-[8]-4); 5. Hutchinson/Hutchinson, 23.75 ([17]-13-5-5-1).

Weber wins Women's Big Boat

The sixth annual Women's Big Boat Regatta sponsored by West River Sailing Club started near 'Old 73' (buoy G'1') at the mouth of the West River last Saturday.

Steady southerly breezes filled in from four knots at the start of the day's racing to about 11 knots, allowing for two races to be completed by the fleet of five boats.

The first race, over a 6.26-mile modified Olympic course, was won handily by Kathy Weber and her crew aboard Jerry and Nancy Cann's Melges 24 Crusader Rabbit, while in the second race, using a 5.68-mile windward-leeward course, victory went to West River's Donna Schlegel, sailing her Tartan Ten Rubadubdub.

On Sunday, remarkably steady breeze from the identical direction abated during the day's single contest from 14 to 11 knots; victory in this race, using a modified Olympic course identical to the previous day's, was earned by Bonnie Schloss and her crew on her Bear Boat.

In the last race, three boats finished within a 13-second interval, and Schloss won the contest by a mere two seconds corrected time.

Overall victory went to Weber and the Crusader Rabbit team, including Kathy Coxe, Lisa Emmet, Anne Ferro, Anne Harrington, Suzy Krissoff, Joanne Schram and Rhonda Wohlgemuth.

Women's Big Boat Regatta

1. Crusader Rabbit, Kathy Weber, Annapolis, 8.25 (1-2-4); 2. Yellow Bird, Holly Budd, West River, 7 (2-3-3); 3. Bear Boat, Bonnie Schloss, Silver Spring, 6.25 (3-5-1).

IMS-J/35 Spring Fling

The Sailing Club of the Chesapeake's IMS-J/35 Spring Fling, offering fast-paced action over short courses for big boats, was particularly successful for the resurgent J/35 class on Saturday, June 4, of 10 boats.

The three-race series used windward-leeward courses of about five miles each in light to moderate southerly breezes hitting about eight knots of velocity.

Victory was sweet for J/35 sailor Richard Born and his crew on Grayling, back on the racing scene after a hiatus of several years and finding that recent work to tune up the boat and the addition of new sails coupled with excellent crew work made a difference.

IMS-J/35 Spring Fling

J/35 (10 starters): 1. Grayling, Richard Born, Baltimore, 6.5 (1-1-5); 2. Hot Spit, Jim Capron, Bethesda, 11 (2-5-4); 3. Cheers, Tim Bowen, Bowie, 11.75 (1-4-7).

IMS (9 starters): 1. Gaucho, Peter Gordon, Annapolis, 6.5 (5-1-1); 2. Ramrod, Bert Jabin, Annapolis, 7 (3-2-2); 3. Hilite, Len Eastman, 12.75 (1-6-6).

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