Dad shares joy in son's hole in one

June 12, 1994|By Blair Holley | Blair Holley,Special to The Sun

Most of you have never scored that most coveted shot in golf, the elusive hole in one. Probably the next best thing to actually making one of your own is seeing your son or daughter knock it in in one. Charles Fink has at least seen the second situation come about.

Michael Fink of Gaithersburg, playing at the Beach Club, made the Memorial Day weekend memorable when he started it off with a perfect shot on Saturday. Enjoying Michael's success were his father, Charles, and family friend, Dr. Brad Norman (good golf name), both of Silver Spring, and Joe Hammerman from Wayne, N.J., who filled in their foursome and became an old friend by the end of the day.

Now, I have often referred to a hole in one as a "perfect" shot but Michael's really was. On the 150-yard 17th, with the pin set on the back portion of the green at about 160 yards, young Mr. Fink rifled a Wilson 5-iron into the cup on the fly. None of that customary bounce and roll dillydally for him.

It was Michael's first ace in 20 years of playing golf and he said, "It was a shock and I wasn't even sure it went in." But his father, a member of the Beach Club, said he felt certain it was in the cup. When they reached the green, Papa knew best.

Baseball should have competition as torrid as the Toyota/B. J.'s Ocean City Challenge Cup, with both divisions running neck and neck after the completion of three rounds. In the Blue Division, the Beach Club, despite being on a Bye week, moved into first place with the automatic 4.5 points given teams on the off match, for a total of 19. The previous leader of the Blues was River Run but it ran into a hot Ocean City Golf and Yacht Club tandem for a 3.5 to 5.5 loss and wound up with 18.5 points.

Ocean City held on to third at 12 points, while Cripple Creek (9.5) and Green Hill (8.5) held on to their respective slots.

In the Gray group, the Bay Club was off and held on for a share of first with 18.5 points, as Rehoboth Country Club blasted Nutter's Crossing 9-0 to vault into a tie with the Baymen. Eagle's Landing was almost perfect, posting an 8-1 verdict over Ocean Pines for third place and with a challenging 15.5 points. Ocean Pines edged into fourth with 8 and Nutter's took over the basement position with 7.

Matches in the Fourth Round, to have been completed after this was written, include the Bay Club at Rehoboth, the Beach Club at Cripple Creek -- with the Beach guys perfect on the road so far -- Green Hill at Ocean City and Nutter's Crossing at Ocean Pines. River Run and Eagle's Landing will be off.


Any chance I get to talk up Ocean City area golf I take the opportunity to rave about our facilities. When I dined out recently, just such a situation came up with a friendly dinner neighbor. The man asked me an interesting question: Were there any "summer memberships" available in the area for months-long vacationers?

About the closest were the Bay Club and Eagle's Landing. At the Bay Club they offer an Associate Membership for $200, which gives a modest discount off regular rates from March 16 through October. But then it really gets good for some nice fall and early spring golf, and even on some winter days, when that same $200 entitles the "member" to free golf, including the cart, from Nov. 1 to March 15.

At Eagle's Landing, Play Passes are available for area residents (anyone living in or owning property in the Greater Ocean City area) at $420 for 30 passes, $300 for 20, $160 for 10 and $85 for five. Nonresidents can expect to pay a bit more, such as $480 for the 30-pass book. The coupons have no expiration date.

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