Now You See It, Now You Don'tIn his May 27 column, Mike...


June 12, 1994

Now You See It, Now You Don't

In his May 27 column, Mike Littwin contended that legislation guaranteeing access to abortion clinics is really designed to prevent pro-life protesters from exercising their constitutional rights.

He seems to have closed his eyes to the types of protests indulged in by pro-life protesters. What he terms as "justifiable" non-violent protests are anything but that. Does Mr. Littwin, for instance, condone intimidation and coercion as non-violent, peaceful actions?

When does a non-violent protest cease to be one?

Mr. Littwin wants to protect the "rights" of pro-lifers to blockade clinics in the grand tradition of democracy.

But what about the rights of those who wish to have free access to these clinics? Are their rights superseded by those of pro-lifers?

Mr. Littwin keeps talking about Mohandas Gandhi and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in the context of civil disobedience. Pardon me for inserting a personal note.

I left India shortly after independence in 1947. Having been active in the "Free India" movement and having received my share of baton charges at the hands of Indian police acting under the orders of their British masters, I happen to know first-hand a little something about non-violent protests and civil disobedience.

Gandhi and his followers would never have resorted to most of the tactics used by pro-lifers. There seems to be a curious tendency in this country on the part of some protesters to interpret "non-violence" as they see fit.

Mahadev N. Mahabal


Girl Scouts

A Sun article June 2 quoted Dr. Jocelyn Elders, U.S. surgeon general, as saying, "I also think girls who are lesbians should be allowed to join the Girl Scouts."

While it is clear that Dr. Elders was voicing her personal opinion, I feel obliged to clarify the Girl Scout position on this issue.

Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. has firm standards relating to appropriate conduct. The Girl Scout organization does not condone or permit sexual displays of any sort by its members.

Neither does it permit the advocacy or promotion of a personal lifestyle or sexual orientation. These are private matters for girls and their families to discuss.

Girl Scouts respects the beliefs of each of its members and does not investigate or intrude into personal matters. Therefore, we do not have policies that focus on individual sexual orientation.

Girl Scout volunteers and staff must, at all times, serve as appropriate role models for girls.

Lisa L. Cid


The writer is executive director of the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland.

Minority Hiring

I disagree with Isaiah C. Fletcher's Sr.'s response (letter, May 28) to Michael A. Fletcher's (no relation) article of May 20, that Rep. Helen Bentley is being unfairly scrutinized for her virtually no-hire policy of minorities.

And that African-American Representatives Kweisi Mfume and Albert A. Wynn are the same in reverse with a large majority of minority employees, based upon demographics.

Mr. Fletcher's article was about the vast disparity of minorities employed by Congress, the main equation.

Looking at the equation as it relates to Representatives Mfume and Wynn, their minority hiring policy is negligible and inconsequential at this time, while Representative Bentley's furthers or maintains the disparity in minority hiring by Congress, and is relevant and consequential.

Isaiah "Ike" Dixon Jr.


No Redneck

A June 2 article in The Sun, "Three candidates for governor vow gun control push," not only sets them apart from other candidates but from most of Maryland as well.

Marylanders Against Handgun Abuse is leading the charge to ban all guns. It says a majority of citizens in the Free State are for gun control.

But neither I nor anyone else I've talked to (and I talk to a lot of people on this issue, including police) have ever been contacted TC by that organization for our opinions.

Even officials who voted on more gun control laws say they don't do any good, so why waste taxpayers' time and money? The root of our problems is social and judicial, not an inanimate object.

The Sun always portrays the National Rifle Association and all gun owners as redneck, gun-toting psychos, who are supposed to give up our rights because of a few bad apples. I think not.

Scott Poe


What's Going On?

What goes with our Maryland governors or would-be governors? Harry Hughes buys a condo in Delaware, William Donald Schaefer travels much too much in Europe and Asia.

And now Parris N. Glendening spends his campaign money with a Washington D.C. advertising firm.

He should check the Yellow Pages. There are still a few pretty good ad agencies in the state of Maryland.

Jerry Baroch Sr.


Holy Bureaucracy

The norms used by the Archdiocese of Baltimore for choosing which parishes will live and which will die are disgraceful.

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