From The Sun June 12-18, 1844June 12: Philadelphia appears...


June 12, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun June 12-18, 1844

June 12: Philadelphia appears determined to excel Baltimore in everything. She has not only forcibly disposed us of the well-earned title of mob town, but seems determined to excel us in the matter of hens and eggs as well.

June 13: A new thing is now got up, that of a trunk, which besides holding one's baggage, will float the owner anywhere.

From The Sun June 12-18, 1894

June 13: Miss Laura V. Corbitt, aged thirty-five years, after reading yesterday morning of the suicide by hanging of Thomas Cook on Monday, went to her room in the third story of her home, 913 West Mulberry Street, and hanged herself from a bed post.

June 18: Rev. Nathaniel Carter, a young colored theological student, was ordained to the Lutheran ministry yesterday at St. Peter's English Lutheran Church, Fayette and East streets. Mr. Carter is the first colored man ordained to the Lutheran ministry

in Maryland.

From The Sun June 12-18, 1944

June 12: London, June 11 (By Cable) -- Officers and men of the 29th Division, today named as being among the American troops in France, had long reason to believe that they would be among the first units to go into the assault against Hitler's western wall.

June 13: Boy graduates of the city high schools are going in the armed services so rapidly that many of them will miss their graduation exercises, a survey indicated yesterday.

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