Did Connors Mean It?

June 11, 1994|By The Hartford Courant

TORONTO -- New York Yankees manager Buck Showalter said last night that there is no feud between pitching coach Billy Connors and pitcher Terry Mulholland.

Connors criticized Mulholland's performance Thursday night after the left-hander gave up seven earned runs and 10 hits in five-plus innings. "[Mulholland] has to concentrate," Connors said at one point.

"I talked to Terry, but not much about that," Showalter said. "Terry is more frustrated than anybody about his season [5-6, 6.25 ERA, 16 homers in 85 innings]. Billy feels like he's an extension of whatever the pitchers do. I don't think anyone is more in the pitcher's corner than Billy."

Said Connors: "I don't regret what I said. Terry has had solid work days, then seems to forget everything the day he pitches. Something has got to get through to him."

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