Towson High streaker caught

June 11, 1994|By Larry Carson | Larry Carson,Sun Staff Writer

Veteran Assistant Principal Stan Neumann knew just what to do when he was confronted in the Towson High School hallway Thursday afternoon by two naked, masked runners streaking toward him.

"I yelled, 'STOP!' " he said.

"We've got 1,000 kids here," Mr. Neumann explained yesterday. "I was worried that some little girl or female teacher would walk into the hall and get run over. Someone could get hurt."

When neither of the young runners slowed at his command, Mr. Neumann grabbed the nearest one around the waist, taking an unintentional elbow to the forehead, which caused a small scratch, he said.

The other nude runner got away. Each was wearing only a ski mask and running shoes.

Mr. Neumann then tore off the youth's mask, revealing his identity, and the by-then somewhat embarrassed young man quickly donned the shorts he was carrying as he was marched down to the school office.

"He was quick to put his pants on," the assistant principal said. "He was pretty upset and scared."

The second streaker made it out of the building but was nabbed later at home, Mr. Neumann said.

Both streakers graduated from Towson High Wednesday night, which meant that on Thursday they no longer were under jurisdiction of the school and technically were trespassers. So, Mr. Neumann said, he called Baltimore County police.

Since the alleged crimes of assault, indecent exposure and trespassing were misdemeanors not witnessed by a police officer, school authorities will have to seek warrants against one of the youths, who is 18 and legally an adult. The other, 17, has been cited in the case as a juvenile.

Mr. Neumann said the two nude runners apparently were intent on mimicking two 1993 seniors who streaked through the school last June after graduation and were not caught.

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