Route 32 work at Sykesville may begin this summer

June 10, 1994|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Sun Staff Writer

The State Highway Administration is preparing plans for improvements to Route 32 at Sykesville and hopes to begin work this summer.

Douglas Rose, SHA district engineer, said the project "is not a done deal, but I am optimistic about getting funding. We are fully planning to do the work this year."

Mr. Rose is awaiting final budget approval, which probably will not come before July 1, the beginning of fiscal 1995.

"We have had to re-evaluate the budget since damages to highways last winter play a tremendous role in the roads program," Mr. Rose said.

Money for what he termed "capacity improvement" to the route would come from the SHA maintenance budget.

Route 32, which the state calls the Sykesville bypass, serves as the main exit for hundreds of town residents who commute to Routes 26 or 70 daily.

The proposed, but unfunded, plan would make the route a four-lane road from Route 851, south of the Patapsco River, to the Obrecht Road extension that the county has scheduled for construction this fall at the north end of town, he said.

"We would start from the south and work up," said Mr. Rose. "We may only do half the job this year and come back in 1995 to tie in with the county work on Obrecht Road."

The project includes repaving the entire stretch of road, possibly as far North as Route 26, and "upgrading the shoulders at Sykesville to improve capacity through a major traffic area," he said.

The bolstered shoulders would allow for four traffic lanes. Crews would also construct turn lanes at the four town intersections along the route.

"It is all part of a long-range plan for the area," Mr. Rose said. "We will do as much as we can this year with the money we get."

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