Balkan Update

June 10, 1994

Most of Bosnia's battlefronts were quieter on the eve of another attempt at a nationwide cease-fire. There were reports of sporadic fighting, especially around the Serb-held town of DOBOJ. about 60 miles north of Sarajevo. But U.N. officials said fighting eased in most other areas.

Bosnian Serb forces are forcing Muslim women to dig trenches on front lines, U.N. officials said. The Serbs had subjected Muslim men to "work obligations" from the start but started rounding up women as well in recent weeks.

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien visited Canadian peacekeeping troops in VISOKO before flying into SARAJEVO. He said no decision had been made on increasing or lowering Canada's 768-man contribution to the U.N. force.

U.N. spokesman Peter Kessler said Serbs were evicting an undetermined number Gypsies from the BANJA LUKA area in a continuing "ethnic cleansing" campaign of terror against non-Serbs. Up to a half-million Muslims and Croats already have fled or been forced out of the area during the war.

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