Amprey-teachers truce over

June 09, 1994|By Gary Gately | Gary Gately,Sun Staff Writer

A day after apparently reaching a tentative truce with Superintendent Walter G. Amprey, the Baltimore Teachers Union accused him yesterday of reneging on a promise and reiterated a call for his resignation.

BTU President Irene Dandridge said Dr. Amprey had broken a promise to hold a news conference with BTU leaders yesterday to respond to teachers' complaints. That and what the union called Dr. Amprey's failure to respond to its concerns, led to a new call for his resignation.

Dr. Amprey said Ms. Dandridge's statements to reporters surprised him. He said she did not mention demanding his resignation when he talked to her by telephone yesterday and, in fact, pledged to work with him to deal with teachers' concerns.

After emerging from a meeting called by Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke at Ms. Dandridge's Howard County home Tuesday night, the union chief, the superintendent and the mayor's press secretary said the BTU had agreed to withdraw its demand for his resignation and to work with the superintendent.

But yesterday Ms. Dandridge said the BTU's agreement to drop the demand and work with Dr. Amprey to find common ground depended on his honoring commitments he made the night before.

Specifically, she said he had agreed to speak at the news conference about his May 26 letter to all 10,000 school system employees warning of a "considerable number" of reassignments or layoffs; establishment of a labor-management committee; school privatization; and training of teams of principals, parents and teachers that make decisions about running schools.

Dr. Amprey said he had made clear that he would not have the news conference or respond publicly to the union's complaints before meeting today with the school board.

Tuesday night's meeting came a day after about 250 protesters, led by the union, marched from school headquarters to City Hall chanting "The superintendent must go!"

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