Packing duds away until next winter

June 09, 1994|By Ladies' Home Journal

Store your winter wardrobe properly, and you'll get a lot more mileage out of your clothing, says Ladies' Home Journal magazine.

Follow these tips from Shirley Eng, museum conservator for the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City:

* Clean clothing before storing. Many insects, especially moths, thrive on food stains.

* You shouldn't store clothing in a plastic dry-cleaner bag. These bags can trap moisture, which may cause mildew. A better option is a cloth bag or old pillowcase with a hole cut on top for the hanger.

* Hang coats and heavy suits on padded or wooden hangers that are wide enough to support the shoulders, so the weight is distributed evenly.

If you're hanging a light-colored item on a wooden hanger, cover the hanger with muslin because wood is acidic and may stain.

* Fold knits and sweaters flat so they will retain their shape.

Layer plain, acid-free paper (available in art-supply stores) between the folds to prevent crease lines or discoloration along the folds. Store in cardboard or plastic boxes.

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