Stadium specificity is faulted

June 08, 1994|By Ivan Penn | Ivan Penn,Sun Staff Writer

About two dozen residents and business owners last night expressed anger with Howard County and Redskins officials because, they said, the officials have failed to provide details about the impact that a proposed 78,600-seat stadium in Laurel would have on the county.

Members of the county planning, public works and transportation boards called the meeting so that Redskins officials, who want to move the team from Washington and build a new stadium, could give a presentation on plans for the proposed stadium.

The presentation -- the proposed stadium, its amenities and the potential site -- was given by Michael Dillow, a Redskins representative, and was criticized by residents and business owners for its similarity to ones the team has given to communities in and around Laurel over the past five months.

Residents and business owners said the presentation did not provide enough information for them to prepare for a county planning board meeting at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow.

At that meeting, Laurel Race Course officials are to seek a zoning change that would allow them to move the track's horse stables from Anne Arundel County into Howard to make way for the proposed stadium.

"This was supposed to be an informational briefing," Walter H. Maloney, who sits on the board of Citizens Against the Stadium II, said during last night's meeting. "He's told us nothing of relevance to Howard County."

After Mr. Dillow's 30-minute presentation, residents and business owners reacted angrily.

"He did not address what most of us are here for," a man shouted. "What about Howard County?

Joseph Rutter, county director of planning and zoning, tried to ease concerns by telling the attendees that details about the proposed stadium's impact on Howard will be addressed at the planning board meeting tomorrow.

BTC "This is not a hearing," Mr. Rutter said. "This is just an informational briefing."

Residents and business owners want to know more about the proposal to move the stables into Howard before tomorrow's meeting.

The Redskins plan to build a $160 million stadium on the north end of the Laurel Race Course at Brockbridge Road. The land the stadium would be built on includes the current site of the 1,000-horse stables in Anne Arundel. The plan requires that the stables be relocated.

The proposed site for the new stables is a 70-acre parcel in Howard.

To make that possible, the Laurel Racing Association Limited Partnership has asked Howard to create a zoning category that will allow stadium parking, horse stables, barns, maintenance buildings and other structures associated with a sports complex.

The proposal includes the construction of 25 barns that would each house 40 14-by-14-foot stables.

The stables would be 150 feet behind the Midway Mobile Home Park and several businesses.

That has concerned the mobile home park's owners, Fred and Beatrice Newberger, who attended last night's meeting and said they were angry that no information about the stables or the direct impact on Howard has been provided.

"There are residents with homes and families where the stables are proposed now," Mr. Newberger said. "I've got a big concern about that."

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