Lethal ExportsRecently, The Sun provided its readers two...


June 07, 1994

Lethal Exports

Recently, The Sun provided its readers two interesting, informative articles about our exports abroad.

On May 30, we were told that the U.S. government is the leading world exporter of arms.

On May 31, we were informed that the U.S. government helps push cigarettes overseas.

Here in the United States, we are pushing gun-control laws and campaigning against smoking for public safety and health.

It appears somewhat ironical, if not completely hypocritical, that in other countries our government is one of the leading providers of the instruments and means of death.

William J. Ziegler, Sr.

Ellicott City

Get Out of the U. N.

In late April, a British general wearing U.N. insignia petitioned a Japanese U.N. civilian who was working for the Egyptian bureaucrat sitting atop the entire U.N., and the trio ordered U.S. fighter planes into combat in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

It seems as though we have reached a point where individuals from foreign nations now command our military. I wonder if our entire military is not already under the jurisdiction of the world body.

As everyone in America should know, the men and women who serve in the U.S. military have sworn an oath to the Constitution of this nation, not to the U.N. Charter.

How and where did an Englishman, a Japanese and an Egyptian gain any authority over them?

Even more, why are President Clinton and the entire U.S. Congress tolerating this complete break with our nation's past? In prior involvement of U.S. forces in U.N. operations, our military personnel have taken their orders only from U.S. commanders.

This new departure from the traditional use of our nation's military is a grave indication of willingness on the part of current U.S. leaders to take our nation into the new world order run by the United Nations.

Our military forces have been assembled and trained to protect the lives and property of U.S. citizens, and that's all.

They are not the president's plaything. Neither are they supposed to be the U.N.'s globocop for whatever mission the U.N. chooses.

The proper course for our nation is get the United States out of the United Nations and bring our troops home. Legitimate emergency needs to deploy U.S. forces anywhere in the world can be met virtually overnight from bases within our nation's borders.

President Clinton must cease giving control of our military to the U.N. or to anyone. Congress is also to blame for abdicating its responsibility to military personnel by allowing the president to send them all over the globe, and then place them in situations where their use is dictated by non-U.S. commanders.

It is necessary for our national sovereignty to completely withdraw our beloved United States of America from U.N., NATO and all other military and diplomatic alliances.

Douglas J. Knox


McLean Treatment

I must respond to Georgia Corso's uninformed remarks in her published letter to the editor of May 21 regarding Jacqueline McLean's continued psychiatric treatment.

First, Mrs. McLean was sent to the Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital by emergency room doctors at a reputable medical hospital in January. Neither she nor her lawyers selected Sheppard Pratt.

Second, notwithstanding that the Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital certainly enjoys a well deserved national reputation for the treatment for mental illness, and while its facilities and grounds are beautiful and well-maintained, there are no cir

cumstances under which any rational observer would refer to its locked psychiatric facilities as the "lap of luxury."

Third, we oppose Mrs. McLean's transfer to any other institution, public or private, because such transfer would be detrimental to her mental health according to her doctors in their medical judgment.

Certainly, anyone should understand the continuing nature of a therapeutic relationship and its necessary interaction to the desired achievement of mental stability.

The issue of transfer only arose, of course, upon the exhaustion of insurance benefits, indeed the very insurance benefits all municipal employees are entitled to.

Surely, Mrs. Corso would not raise a challenge to government workers' utilization of their insurance benefits for their own illnesses. Mrs. McLean's continued hospitalization is not an "undue perk" at taxpayers' expense.

I sincerely hope that Ms. Corso never experiences the terrible devastation of mental illness in her family and needs the compassion from the rest of humanity.

M. Cristina Gutierrez


The writer is a lawyer representing City Comptroller Jacqueline McLean.

Superfluous Human Beings and the Economy

It struck me that there was an unspoken relationship, however oblique, between the articles by Richard Reeves and Adam Meyerson in The Sun May 31.

Both were, in my opinion, really about where our economy is going. For Mr. Meyerson, I doubt that all the moral persuasion of the conservative sensibility can really put the family back together without a good foundation of decent-paying or livable jobs.

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