50 from middle schools honored for SAT scores

June 06, 1994|By Lan Nguyen | Lan Nguyen,Sun Staff Writer

More than 50 Howard County middle school students have been recognized for their high scores on the Scholastic Assessment Test, a multiple-choice test used as a college entrance exam.

All students received a certificate of achievement from the Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth, which honors students with high math and verbal abilities.

More than 35,000 students on the East and West coasts applied for recognition from the center. Of those who applied, 7,400 students earned scores high enough to be recognized.

Among them, Harper's Choice Middle School student Cyrus Lawyer IV and Burleigh Manor Middle School student Hillary Green received scholarships to enroll in summer courses at the Johns Hopkins University.

West Friendship resident Erin Pryor, who is home-schooled, received a scholarship to attend a summer course at Western Maryland College.

In addition, Cyrus and Erin were two of seven county students who were nationally recognized by the Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youths for scoring higher than 700 points on the SAT's math section or 630 points on the verbal section before age 13.

Other county students cited by Hopkins were:

Joseph Markson, of Wilde Lake Middle School; Lakshminaray Srinivansan, of Burleigh Manor Middle School; Elizabeth Steinberg, of Wilde Lake Middle School; Ashley Eden, of Harper's Choice Middle School; and Alex Shaller, of Glenelg Country School. Alex, a sixth-grader, also received a $100 scholarship.

Only 237 students nationwide accomplished the feat of scoring more than 700 points on math and 630 points on verbal before age 13.

Among the students who earned an East Coast regional award for high math scores were:

Daniel Baniszewski, Andrew Chung, Joseph Markson, Jason Martineau, Justin Parady and Brendan Puls of Harper's Choice Middle School; and Kevin Krasnansky and Charles Lin, of Burleigh Manor Middle School; Todd Gillette, Naomi Feldman, Karen Wallace and Andrew Zitnay of Wilde Lake Middle School; Kristen Hogan, of Glenwood Middle School; Anne Lee, of Hammond Middle School; Jeremy Poe and Kyle Smith, of Oakland Mills Middle School; and Joshua Reichert, of Patuxent Valley Middle.

Among the students who earned a regional award for high verbal scores were:

Rebecca Gifford, of Dunloggin Middle School; Jayne Kennedy, an Ellicott City student who attends the Bryn Mawr School; Katherine Flanagan and Meredith Peruzzi, of Wilde Lake Middle School; and Neil Hariani, of Burleigh Manor Middle School.

Students who won honors for high scores in the Maryland and Washington, areas were:

Alan Alagappan, of Mount View Middle School; John Bash, of Harper's Choice Middle School; Samantha Goresh and Leemin Duh, of Burleigh Manor Middle School; Christopher Durant and Elizabeth Smith, of Glenwood Middle School; Paul Donohue, Katherine McNamara and Malav Patel, of Dunloggin Middle School; and Jessica Fritzges, of Resurrection-Saint Paul School.

Students who also won state honors were:

Laura Hirshfield and Andrew Spaulding, of Wilde Lake Middle School; Alexander Kenesson, of Glenelg Country School; Christine Lee and Manesh Pillai, of Patapsco Middle School; Anne Lee, Minh Chau Nguyen and Yaseen Oweis of Hammond Middle School; Aaron Sacks, of Clarksville Middle School; and Meredith Ward, of Oakland Mills Middle School.

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