Ellicott Mills sixth-graders cleaned up rather nicely with carwash


June 06, 1994|By JEAN LESLIE

Kevin Cooch, a sixth-grader at Ellicott Mills Middle School, is already learning the fine art of publicity.

He called me recently to report on the results of the carwash his class conducted for the Office of Aging.

The 30 students who participated charged $3 for each car they washed. Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on a beautiful sunny Saturday the middle of last month, the students were busy with pails, soap and rags, and at the end of the day had collected $409.

The carwash was held to help fulfill the youngsters' community service requirement for high school graduation.

The students have decided to donate the money to the Office of Aging for use by its Extended Nutrition Services, which helps seniors who are stretching their budgets to pay for meals.

The participating students, led by teachers Debbie Hoolihan and Jack Edwards, will hold a presentation ceremony tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. They will give a check to Starr Sowers of the Office of Aging.

Principal Sylvester Burke will lead the ceremony.

I asked student Kevin Cooch for his thoughts on doing community service time in his school.

Kevin said that "it made us feel good to donate that much money to senior citizens. . . . It was a good idea to hold the carwash."


Elkridge Area Jaycees announce that several of their members attended the national organization's annual convention, which serves as the Jaycees' year-end board meeting and awards banquet. This year it was held in Ocean City in late May.

The Elkridge Area Jaycees received an award for the outstanding Recycling Rangers Program, which they sponsor for Elkridge and Rockburn elementary schools.

Carol Rodeheaver and Kim Haskell were recognized for their participation in the "First Timers" program.

Beth Niessner was honored for "community state program manager of the year" for her efforts benefiting the Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation.

Other Elkridge Jaycee members who attended were Marty Niessner, Betsy Nussear and Bill Bleiler.

The Jaycees will hold their next membership meeting June 15 at the Elkridge Days Carnival. They extend a warm welcome to join to all men and women ages 21 to 39. For additional information, contact Beth Niessner at (410) 536-0566.


Middle school represents the transition from childhood to adolescence.

Dunloggin Middle School will welcome the new sixth-grade class Thursday, giving students a chance to visit the school for the first time. Parents will visit the school at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.


Dunloggin Middle School had its annual Fun Day on Friday, sponsored by the PTA. This year, members of Centennial High School's National Honor Society performed community service

by helping the PTA stage the event.


Congratulations to Matt and Jody Duff of Ellicott City, who have added a baby boy to their brood.

Patrick Matthew, weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces, was born May 9 at Howard County General Hospital.


Congratulations to Bill Seig of Ellicott City and Judy Smolenski of Owings Mills, who were married Saturday. They are on their honeymoon in Portugal.


Centennial High School held its graduation ceremony Tuesday at University of Maryland Baltimore County, attended by elated parents, grandparents and siblings.

Plenty of students were involved in the program.

James Carothers welcomed the audience, and soon afterward foreign exchange students Viviane Anderegg and Leonore Gewessler, Johanna Forsberg, Outi Myllymaki, Emanuela Guffanti told what they would miss about the United States (for one, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream) and then bid the senior class farewell, each in his or her own language.

Student speakers Jeanine Bartel, Robert Chadwick Hawthorne and Jennifer Jen Lee gave an optimistic forecast of the future, and Efrem Rufael and Charles A. Spence led the traditional turning of the tassels.

More than 100 of the 300 seniors won awards during their senior year. I'll tell you about a few awards.

Jeanine Bartel won the Angelo Fortunato Award, established in memory of Centennial's first principal.

Jessica Beil won the Andrea S. Barlow Scholarship, commemorating Andrea, the former Centennial student who died in a car accident.

Manickam Krishnamurthy and Jacquelyn Chu won the HoCoPoLitSo Creative Writing Contest for their co-authorship of the third-prize short story. Richard Noonberg won the J. P. Sousa Award and Louis Armstrong Awards for excellence in music. Runner Bob Van Allen won the Howard County Striders John Scherer Scholarship.


Maryland Home and Garden Information Center, located in Ellicott City and operated by the University of Maryland, is a phone bank of horticulturists.

Maryland residents may call in questions about their yards or gardens, and center workers will do their best to find the answer.

If there's a new insect pestering your hemlock tree, or you want to know what to do about the black spot on your roses, give the center a call, and workers will recommend the most environmentally friendly, cost-effective remedy.

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