Dover spotlight on Wallace clan

June 05, 1994|By Sandra McKee | Sandra McKee,Sun Staff Writer

DOVER, Del. -- It took 66 Busch Grand National races, but with a wildly cheering record crowd of 61,000 on hand to witness the event, Mike Wallace finally joined his two brothers, Rusty and Kenny, as a winner on the circuit.

Yesterday, Mike averaged 96 mph and won thGoodwrench/Delco Battery 200 by .34 of a second over Terry Labonte in a race that finished under caution.

"This is just wonderful," said Mike, who is the second Wallace to win at Dover Downs International Speedway in two races.

Rusty Wallace won the Winston Cup race here last September, and will attempt to win here again in today's Winston Cup Budweiser 500.

Mike also will be in the lineup today, but will need a lot of luck trally from his 41st starting spot in the 42-car field.

D-Day glory

Bud Moore is mostly known in the Winston Cup series as a successful car owner.

Over the years, men such as Bobby Allison, Buddy Baker, Dale Earnhardt and Ricky Rudd have driven and won in Moore's race cars.

But on June 6, 1944, Bud Moore was a gangly 19-year-old.

He had been drafted a year earlier. And there he was, frightened kid, on a landing craft 150 yards off the coast of France, about to make an assault on Utah Beach as part of D Company of the 359th Infantry.

"I was so frightened, I was scared to death, like everyone else,said Moore yesterday. "The nose of this LCI [149] just sort of lowered like a plank into the water.

"The water was about shoulder deep and as soon as we weroff, the ship left. I've never seen so many shells. Our guns were firing 'ack',the German planes were coming over, bombing the fleet. I'm telling you, I never seen anything like it.

"When we got into the water, the boy next to me took a direct hiand just disappeared. It was my first combat and I was so green. . . . But what choice was there? There was the beach, and the Germans in front of us and the ocean behind."

By the time he got back to the United States for discharge iNovember 1945, Moore had five Purple Hearts, for shrapnel and gunshot wounds; a Bronze Star for meritorious service on the front lines for nine months, 14 days; and a second Bronze Star, represented by an Oak Leaf Cluster, for capturing a German headquarters when he and a fellow soldier became lost in the French countryside while trying to rejoin their unit.

Fifty years later, Moore said he still has nightmares, and during this year's commemoration of the battle, he has found himself turning off the news when film of the beach assault comes on.

"They're reminding me of stuff I've spent 50 years trying tforget," Moore said. "It still hurts my heart. That day made me realize what life was all about and I think everyone ought to be praying every day that we defeated Germany and for all the freedom we've received."

Crewman and driver hurt

Driver Bobby Dotter suffered a broken right shoulder in a crash on Lap 96 of the Grand National race,and Robert Owing, a crewman on rookie Johnny Benson's car, suffered a broken left leg in the same incident. Owing was hurt when a tire off Dotter's car bounced over the concrete wall dividing the race track from the pits and hit him.

Dotter and Owing were to be transported to Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte, N.C., for treatment.

CFL Colts competitive

The Baltimore Colts and the Phil Parsons race team made history yesterday. It was the first time one pro sports team sponsored another.

Parsons carried the Colts logo on his Chevrolet's hood and reaquarter panels and finished 12th, on the lead lap. Colts owner Jim Speros was here to watch the action.

Goodwrench/Delco Battery 200 results

1. (19) Mike Wallace, Chevrolet, 200, $16,540, 96.013; 2. (15) Terry Labonte, Chevrolet, 200, $9,590; 3. (17) Mark Martin, Ford, 200, $7,540; 4. (21) Jimmy Spencer, Chevrolet, 200, $5,790; 5. (1) Ricky Craven, Chevrolet, 200, $8,546; 6. (8) Tim Fedewa, Ford, 200, $5,621; 7. (25) Robert Pressley, Chevrolet, 200, $5,321; 8. (37) Jason Keller, Chevrolet, 200, $5,121; 9. (14) Joe Nemechek, Chevrolet, 200, $4,235; 10. (35) Tracy Leslie, Chevrolet, 200, $6,866.

11. (6) Larry Pearson, Chevrolet, 200, $4,491; 12. (9) Phil Parsons, Chevrolet, 200, $3,735; 13. (10) Elton Sawyer, Ford, 200, $4,341; 14. (2) Rodney Combs, Pontiac, 200, $4,266; 15. (20) David Green, Chevrolet, 200, $6,041; 16. (28) Stevie Reeves, Chevrolet, 200, $4,666; 17. (3) Chad Little, Ford, 199, $4,141; 18. (18) Mike McLaughlin, Chevrolet, 199 $5,866; 19. (34) Patty Moise, Ford, 199, $3,410; 20. (41) Hermie Sadler, Chevrolet, 198, $5,816.

21. (4) Dale Jarrett, Chevrolet, 197, $3,630, engine; 22. (31) Johnny Benson, Chevrolet, 197,$4,016, engine; 23. (24) Johnny Rumley, Ford, 194, $3,320; 24. (39) Shawna Robinson, Chevrolet, 194, $3,285; 25. (16) Randy Porter, Chevrolet, 194, $3,916; 26. (30) Jim Bown, Chevrolet, 194, $5,691; 27. (32) Ronald Cooper, Chevrolet, 190, $3,185, accident; 28. (42) Kevin Lepage, Chevrolet, 189, 3,841, accident; 29. (36) Roy Payne, Chevrolet, 183, $3,836, engine; 30. (33) Ken Schrader, Chevrolet, 167, $3,150, accident.

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