Hospice Care Instead of KevorkianRecently, when Dr. Jack...


June 05, 1994

Hospice Care Instead of Kevorkian

Recently, when Dr. Jack Kevorkian was acquitted for his role in assisting a patient to take his life, we were once again faced with ethical questions that can impact any of us.

Dr. Kevorkian's assisted "suicide" approach is pursued because preys on an individual's fear of prolonged pain and suffering from chronic illness or the dying process. Dr. Kevorkian also describes his suicide machine as a way of helping to preserve an individual's dignity.

Physician-assisted suicide, an act of desperation, diverts attention from the recognition of hospice as a compassionate care-giving service that truly deals with patients' fears and family distress.

Suicide is not an abstract concept for hospice workers. Some hospice patients do contemplate taking their lives. We are not unsympathetic to the despair in these thoughts. We find that this sometimes becomes our most profound challenge. . . . The premature death of a loved one through assisted suicide does not diminish the grief of those left behind, nor does it allow the patient or family to experience the unknown possibilities at the end of life.

We have received hundreds of letters at Carroll Hospice that affirm our work. . . . Any county resident facing a terminal illness is eligible for our services. If you or someone you love needs help, please call our office at 876-8044 or 857-1838. You do have a choice.

Julie Flaherty


The writer is chief executive officer of Carroll Hospice.

The New School Board

I would like to attempt to explain to the citizens of Carroll County why I've taken the position that the current members of the Board of Education should, if at all possible, delay the final selection of the next superintendent of Carroll County public schools.

The present superintendent, Edward Shilling, announced his retirement on April 13. According to the Carroll County Times, Shilling said that his primary reason for leaving June 30 was to allow the five current school board members to choose his successor. Since that time, and during the resulting controversy, Mr. Shilling has not denied or corrected that statement. That reckless comment leaves very little to the imagination. Conversations with many people, both inside and outside of the school system, would convince any objective person that Mr. Shilling, and many others for that matter, are deeply concerned that the forthcoming election is going to result in two new board members. . . . I may be as concerned as anyone else about the educational philosophy of potential board members, but everyone of us ought to be much more concerned about any effort or plan to circumvent the will of the people. I think it was Sen. Warren Rudman who said, in response to Lt. Col. Oliver North's explanation as to why he lied to the Congress, that under rTC our system of government the American people have the right to be wrong.

The same is true of the people of Carroll County; they have the right to elect whomever they want on their Board of Education, even if some of us strongly object to their choice. . . .

Wayne Cogswell


Roscoe Bartlett

Who would you prefer represent you in government? A long-time resident of your congressional district or a carpet bagger, financed by outsiders determined to destroy individualism and the Constitution?

Roscoe Bartlett is a genuine resident of Maryland's 6th District and the incumbent congressman for that area. His campaign contributions come largely from his constituents, who appreciate his statesman ethics and "America First" policies. . . . Neil Dhillon, the Democrat hopeful for the 6th District seat, is a former Clinton campaign staffer who just recently relocated to the 6th District. Mr. Dhillon reports that the bulk of his campaign contributions come from out-of-state interests. Why do you suppose this is so? I believe these contributors are Clinton cronies who support the Clinton administration's New World Order plan to socialize America. . . .

Ask Mr. Dhillon how long he has resided in the 6th District.

Ask Mr. Dhillon why out-of-state contributors are so interested in his candidacy. . . .

My choice is that person who truly supports the Constitution; who promotes fiscal responsibility; who votes for legislation of substance; who opposes watered-down, over-amended bills shaped to satisfy special interests while selling out U.S. rights and sovereignty. My choice is Roscoe Bartlett.

Michael T. Dwyer


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