What happens when you lie down with dogs?


June 05, 1994|By SUSAN DIETZ | SUSAN DIETZ,Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Q: Please put this question to your readers:

How many of you sleep with a pet in the bedroom, sometimes at the foot of the bed? Are you willing to change if your future spouse objects?

I always had pets when I married and now as a single, too. I met a girl who breeds dogs, so there are always more than one of them in the house.

We talked about marriage after a wild weekend.

I agreed to get married before I retired, so that she would be covered medically. Thinking I was being a gentleman, I said I would buy a new bedroom set to start our partnership fresh -- where it counted the most.

And I mentioned that no dogs would be allowed in the bedroom, thinking that this was to be our private retreat. She agreed to the terms.

Later, though, she changed her mind and said that not to have a dog in the bedroom was unthinkable, and to buy a new bedroom set was silly as she was perfectly happy with the present one.

She then told me to stop seeing her.

A: Yours is a classic story of a wild start to a non-relationship . . . and a quick fizzle.

The dogs and the bedroom set are merely symbols of the emptiness at the core of your wild doings, so look at what lies there.

PTC You don't mention love or understanding, only wildness.

For you, the bedroom is the heart of what is between you two, and medical coverage the reason to marry. I'd say what happened is for the best.

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