From The Sun June 5-11, 1844June 5: The Anti-Slavery...


June 05, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun June 5-11, 1844

June 5: The Anti-Slavery convention, in session in Boston during the past week, appears to have been composed of a strange collection of crazy fanatics.

June 7: On Wednesday the President Pro. Tem. laid before the Senate a communication from the Treasury Department, enclosing Professor Morse's report of the completion of the electro-magnetic telegraph from the city of Washington to the city of Baltimore.

June 11: Herman Diester, John Weaver, Joseph Feaster, and Wenner Shaeffer, all youths, were arrested on Sunday by officers Hall and Peduzzi for pitching cents.

From The Sun June 5-11, 1894

June 6: The closing exercises of the forty-first annual commencement of the Lutherville Female Seminary were held yesterday at the Seminary.

June 7: The steamer Louise took 150 newsboys to Tolchester yesterday on their annual excursion. The boys were given a luncheon at Tolchester and had a jolly time.

From The Sun June 5-11, 1944

June 6: Allied Expeditionary Force Headquarters, England -- Allied forces launched the assault of Europe today. Air-borne troops, naval forces and infantry combined in a thrust at northern France, opening the invasion for which troops have been massing in the British Isles for months.

June 8: A Negro division of the Fifth War Loan campaign was formed last night, marking the first time Baltimore Negroes have been organized to take part in a bond drive.

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