MOUNT Kosciusko, with an elevation of just over 7,000...


June 04, 1994

MOUNT Kosciusko, with an elevation of just over 7,000 feet, is the highest point on the flattest continent. Name this continent.

Only one U.S. state has river systems that drain into the Great Lakes, Hudson Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Name this state.

New Zealand is named for a province in the home country of explorer Abel Tasman. What is the present-day name of this European country?

If you took the ferry from Cape Breton Island across the Cabot Strait, you would be in which Canadian province?

Name the multi-country peninsula that is bordered by the Adriatic, Aegean and Ionian Seas.

Mesopotamia, a name commonly associated with an ancient region of the Middle East, is also the name of a region between the Parana and Uruguay Rivers. In which South American country is this region?

Now you know what it's like to participate in the annual national geography bee, sponsored by the National Geographic Society. In case you may have missed one of the questions above -- everyone is human, after all -- the correct responses, in order, are Australia, Minnesota, Netherlands, Newfoundland, Balkan and Argentina.

* * *

SIX YEARS ago when city Fire Capt. Clint George first declared his love to his wife on the side of a building at Washington Boulevard and Ostend Street, some Pigtown women were envious.

"They would go to their husbands and say, 'Hey, we've been married for 10 years and you never did anything like that for me,' " Captain George recalled.

Since then, Pigtown has gotten accustomed to the fact that a sign on the side of the George family's combined laundromat and convenience store changes every year.

At first, it said: "Ann. One year always remember, two hearts forever in love. Happy Anniversary. Love, Clint."

As years passed, one was crossed over and replaced by two, three, four and five.

"Come August, I will update it again," Captain George pledged the other day.

So nice to see people in love.

* * *

A FRIEND of ours, convinced the death penalty is the best deterrent to crime, was ecstatic that Maryland carried out its first execution in 33 years by executing John Thanos on May 17.

Unable to contain his enthusiasm, he sent Frank Mazzone, the head of the execution team, a check for $50. In the memo portion of the check, he wrote, "Thanks for a job well done." He doesn't know whether Mr. Mazzone has cashed the check but hopes he will. "It was money well spent, and I'd like to send another one

after the next execution," he said.

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