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June 03, 1994


I hope you will permit a differing voice amid the avalanche of praise and admiration being heaped upon the memory of Jacqueline Kennedy.

It is true that this woman, as a young mother, was subjected to a horrific tragedy which no one should even have to imagine. However, I cannot fathom the heights to which she has been elevated in the years since -- essentially for doing nothing more than not becoming embroiled in scandal.

Will someone please tell me why we need a "Camelot?"

I think it is sad (pathetic is perhaps a better word) that people of my generation find their own lives so lacking in excitement that they need to latch onto this notion of American royalty.

How wonderful it would be if we all lived in a "Remains of the Day" world -- where everyone would know their place; where no hard thinking would be required and we, the working class, could simply defer to our wiser (by virtue of birthright and money) superiors.

The fabric of society does indeed appear to be disintegrating. Lack of respect for law and rules of decency are becoming the norm, and this is serious trouble.

But to react by embracing a world that never was -- a magic kingdom of princes and their brides -- is a cop-out. It is a way of throwing up hands and waiting for a savior.

Jacqueline Kennedy was no savior. Her place in the tabloids was assured by her doctrine of never appearing in public without preparing herself completely first, of never allowing a hair out of place. To discuss her in the same tones reserved for people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., people who really made a difference in the world, is a travesty.

Peter Brodsky


Defense Tactic

It is very sad to read in The Sun that Jacqueline McLean may defy the judge's order for psychiatric tests. Up to this time it appears that the court has bent over backward to accommodate her in getting the treatment she needs.

Obviously any public official accused of stealing $25,000 of the taxpayers money is going to be depressed.

To defy the court at this stage of her prosecution is just making a mockery of the court. Any defense attorney who condones this action is not acting in the best interest of the client.

We all know that John Thanos had suicidal tendencies, but that didn't stop the criminal justice system from proceeding with his trial.

The court can't be stymied by the threat of suicide by the accused. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Walter Boyd


Tibet's Suffering

President Clinton has renewed China's most-favored nation status. Supporters say that trade with China is the best way to promote change in the world's last communist power.

I agree that political and social liberalization usually follows economic improvements. However, arguments by those in favor of MFN have ignored the plight of occupied Tibet.

As China's economic power grows, its brutal occupation and ethnic cleansing of Tibet has only accelerated. Millions of native Tibetans have been killed and replaced by imported Han Chinese.

Tibet's capital, Lhasa, has already become a Chinese-majority city, with the rest of the country not too far behind.

Ethnic cleansing has been effective in many countries ranging from the Soviet Union to, more recently, Bosnia and it is working in Tibet as well.

Throughout history, occupation and colonization increased as countries became rich and powerful. It was only as empires started collapsing that occupied possessions gained independence.

Examples include the great West European empires like the Spanish, French and finally the British. More recently, Eastern Europe regained its freedom only after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Thus it would be naive to believe that increasing Chinese prosperity will result in freedom for Tibet.

Renewal of MFN status for China will only increase the ability of the Chinese government to finish its occupation and ethnic cleansing in Tibet.

The unique, non-violent Buddhist culture of Tibet is being systematically destroyed. By supporting the brutal Beijing government, the U.S. and many other countries are contributing to Tibet's destruction.

A. V. Aiyengar


Clinton, Rostenkowski and Term Limits

When we think about the allegations against Dan Rostenkowski and the investigation of President Clinton's dealings in Arkansas while he was governor, we should blame ourselves for the fact that we allow people to serve in elected offices entirely too long.

When are we going to learn? How many politicians have to be investigated, indicted and banished in disgrace before we realize that we are allowing them more power than mere mortals can handle responsibly?

Twenty years in Congress is inviting a person to abuse the position. Twelve years as governor with friends who have a failing savings and loan will put you in a position of questionable ethics.

When politicians have that much authority for an unlimited term, they tend to lose respect for their offices, constituents and even themselves. We can't afford to have career politicians in this country.

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