'Don't call us . . .'CFL Colts coach Don Matthews gave his...


June 02, 1994|By Ken Murray

'Don't call us . . .'

CFL Colts coach Don Matthews gave his offensive line a vote of confidence yesterday, saying there was no longer a place on the roster for eight-year NFL veteran Terry Long.

Long was due to report with rookies last Friday, but remained in Pittsburgh, he said, to have a knee injury checked by his own doctor. Twelve missed practices was too much to make up.

"Steve Buratto [offensive coordinator and line coach] says his guys are very good and they've been here from Day 1," Matthews said. "We were very interested [in Long], and it may not have been his fault, but we're going to go with the guys here."

Long's No. 51 jersey was given to late signee O'Neill Glenn, who played at Maryland.

"I don't think he [Long] would make our team," Buratto said. "Too many guys have been playing who know the offense, are in good condition, and they're his equal."

Matthews also said it was too late for outside linebacker Eric Hickerson, another no-show, to report.

The clock's running

Running back Tim Smith is another player for whom it might be too late. Because of a strained hamstring in the first practice, and the effects of a previous knee injury, the former Washington Redskin has been unable to practice full speed.

Fund raising

Rush end Ivan Caesar punctuated yesterday morning's workout when he pulled a good-natured prank on Jim Popp, the team's director of player personnel. A communications major at Boston College, Caesar commandeered a TV minicam and invited Popp to participate in an interview.

Caesar then had defensive linemen Robert Presbury and Randy Hart turn the willing Popp upside down. "This is how we get money out of owners around here," Caesar said, camera rolling. "Shake it out of them."

Fund raising II

The Board of Estimates unanimously approved a $500,000 loan for the renovation of Memorial Stadium yesterday. The loan is at a 9 percent interest rate, Colts owner Jim Speros said, and no payments are due until 1996.

Speros also said he'll meet tomorrow with representatives of the Department of Economic and Employment Development to discuss state funding.

Matthews lightens load

Matthews ordered both practices without pads yesterday to "eliminate collisions," a concession to the number of walking wounded the Colts have. But he was quick to say, "When we take the pads off, it doesn't mean we take the day off. We got a lot of teaching in."

Pinkerton takes a hike

Steve Pinkerton, trying to make the team as a punter/place-kicker, yesterday became the ninth player to leave camp.

Surf's up

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers might not get Charlie Ward, but they did sign quarterback Todd Marinovich to a two-year contract this week. The former first-round draft choice of the Los Angeles Raiders and avid surfer will serve as Matt Dunigan's backup.

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