Superintendent's reorganization plan will shift 72 principals, staff members

June 02, 1994|By Carol L. Bowers | Carol L. Bowers,Sun Staff Writer

The largest reorganization of Anne Arundel County school administrators in decades does not "in any way reflect dissatisfaction in the principals' performance," Superintendent Carol S. Parham told the Board of Education yesterday.

"I think of it along the lines of term limitations -- for superintendents, board members or presidents of different organizations," she said as she delivered a plan to promote or transfer 72 principals, assistant principals and acting principals.

"I believe our employees and our children should be exposed to different leadership styles," she said.

Under Dr. Parham's plan, eight of the county's 12 high schools will have new principals as of July 6, as will six middle schools and 14 elementary schools.

The plan leaves in place the principals at Broadneck, Chesapeake, North County and Southern high schools.

The Baron report, compiled by two lawyers who investigated the school system's handling of child abuse complaints after a teacher-student sex scandal made national headlines, recommended shifting personnel every few years.

Dr. Parham said last week the report was "a supportive piece, but not the driving force behind any changes."

In reorganizing school staffs, Dr. Parham also ordered the transfer of 31 assistant principals and named 14 people to be new administrative trainees, the formal title for a teacher on the road to being a principal.

The school board unanimously approved the promotions. Transfers are solely within Dr. Parham's purview.

The lawyers, Alan I. Baron and Eleanor M. Carey, also had recommended that the school board hire a consultant to tell school workers how to recognize child abusers, and two lawyers, one for the lay school board and one for employees. But school officials told the board yesterday that the County Council had cut the money for those jobs from its budget.

School board members now are scrambling to find the money through savings or transfers from other parts of the budget.

In a related matter, the school board kicked back for more revisions a policy that would forbid student-teacher dating. It was the third time the board sent the policy back to the school staff for more work.

Some board members wanted language to allow adult students attending evening high school to date a school employee, but others objected, noting that if the employee was a night school teacher the situation could become one of "grades for sex."

Another board member suggested restricting the policy to prohibit sex only between teachers and minor students. Another suggested prohibiting teachers from dating students "under their supervision."

Finally, impatient representatives of two parents groups told the board to "take a stand."

"I find this whole conversation to be ridiculous," said Carolyn Roeding, president of the Anne Arundel County Council of PTAs. "Take a stand. Students and teachers should not date. Period."

Anne Young, outgoing president of the Anne Arundel County Citizens Advisory Councils, concurred with Mrs. Roeding. "You do need to take a stand on not dating," she insisted.

The policy presented yesterday would have applied to employees and adult volunteers and prohibited staff-student dating, defined as including "a social appointment, engagement, occasion, pre-planned or not, between a staff member and a student where the purpose is to initiate or continue an intimate personal relationship for the personal pleasure or sexual gratification for the employee."

Banned behavior would have included inappropriate touching or fondling, intimate kissing, or phone calls, letters or tapes of an intimate or sexual nature.



* Joyce Smith, from acting principal South River High School, to principal, Annapolis High

* George Kispert, from assistant principal South River High to principal Meade High


* Mary Gable from Old Mill High to Severna Park High

* Stan Stawas from Meade High to Old Mill High

* Oliver Wittig from Severna Park High to Glen Burnie High

* Midgie Sledge from Glen Burnie High to Arundel High

* James Hamilton, from temporary assignment at central office, returns to principal at South River High

* Roy Skyles from assistant principal at Chesapeake High to principal Northeast High (announced earlier)


* Joel Drapalski from Brooklyn Park/Lindale to Central Middle

* Victoria Hutchins from Central Middle to Brooklyn Park/Lindale

* John Kozora from MacArthur Middle to Marley Middle

* Edward Holshey from Old Mill Middle South to Magothy River Middle

* M. Jacques Smith from Magothy River Middle to MacArthur Middle

* Robert Janovsky from Marley Middle to Old Mill Middle South


* Mary Jane O'Brien from acting principal at Four Seasons to principal at Maryland City

* Teresa Sacchetti from acting principal at Broadneck to principal at Benfield.

* Lorna Gore from assistant principal at Sunset to principal at Pasadena

* Joan Briscoe from acting principal at Jessup to principal at West Annapolis


* Joseph LoCascio from Windsor Farm to Quarterfield

Lawrence Campbell from Benfield to Oak Hill

Lewis Frey from Oak Hill to Windsor Farm

* Rocco Ferretti from Pasadena to Bodkin

* Rosemarie Thompson from Bodkin to Jessup

* Richard Berzinski from Quarterfield to Four Seasons

Richard Chilipko from George Cromwell to Glen Burnie Park

* Helen Norris from Ferndale to George Cromwell

Mary Grande from Maryland City to Ferndale

Barry Fader from West Annapolis to Edgewater

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