Coming to the defense of corrective cosmetics


June 02, 1994|By Paula Begoun | Paula Begoun,Special to The Sun

Q: I recently had the opportunity to read your book and I felt compelled to write you concerning Dermablend. You make the statement that the Dermablend products are not lightweight, do not look natural, and that the setting powder should not be used.

I totally dispute this article. On the contrary, the Dermablend products are lightweight, extremely natural looking, and without the setting powder the cover creme is not smudgeproof, streakproof or waterproof. Dermablend is the leader in corrective cosmetics and is recognized and highly recommended by the medical community. I feel you have done a great injustice to the manufacturer, distributor and your readers by making such remarks. It is quite obvious that you have not properly researched Dermablend.

A: Thank you for the information regarding Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics. However, I stand by my original comments concerning the texture and feel of the foundation and setting powder.

I do not dispute your expertise with your product, but after 15 years of working as a professional makeup artist, after reviewing over 100 cosmetics lines, and after interviewing thousands of women about their makeup, I can confidently say Dermablend is anything but lightweight. That does not mean Dermablend does not have a place in the world of corrective makeup application, because it does serve an important role, but that does not mean it is a lightweight product.

The setting powder is almost pure talc and very white. It often gives a chalky gray appearance to some of the foundation colors.

Q: There is a "miracle" hand lotion I've found called Udder-Balm. As an R.N., my hands get cracked and raw from constant hand-washing. This stuff really performs an overnight miracle. No more dry hands. Do you think this product is too heavy for my face? Is the moisturizer I normally use, Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer, enough?

A: The Udder-Balm contains mostly water, mineral oil, several thickeners, glycerin, more thickeners, lanolin, aloe vera, vitamins A, D, and E and preservatives.

It is a very emollient moisturizer but not anything out of the ordinary. Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer is a good basic moisturizer that is actually quite similar to the Udder-Balm, only lighter weight.

If the Udder-Balm works well on your hands, there is every reason to believe it will work well on your face. If your face skin is very dry and you don't think you'll break out from using it, give it a try.

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