Nationwide survey shows that nearly a third of all...


June 01, 1994

A NEW nationwide survey shows that nearly a third of all Americans have mental health problems at least once a month.

Of the 45,000 people included in this survey, 31 percent claimed to suffer from depression, stress or emotional problems at some time during the month, while 11 percent said they had problems eight or more times each month.

So what else is new?

Life is often difficult and straining on the human psyche. It has always been thus. Imagine what a similar nationwide poll would have found in this country a hundred years ago:

"Over half of all Americans say they suffer from depression, stress or emotional upset, according to a new poll conducted by The Evening Sun. The problems are especially noticeable in rural America, where life can be lonely and the work awfully grueling.

"Of particular note is the fact that six out of every 10 interviewees said they had severe mental problems during the winter months. Depressions in blizzards were common. Walking miles into town through foot-high snow drifts produced mental fatigue. The stress of coping with new-fangled automobiles and gadgets such as electricity and telephones sent many of those surveyed into a tizzy.

"Researchers say the mental health of the nation in 1894 has never been lower."

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

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