Pikesville man robbed at knifepoint in Arnold

June 01, 1994

A 49-year-old Pikesville man was robbed at knifepoint Sunday afternoon in the 600 block of Bay Green Drive in Arnold by a man he picked up in Baltimore, county police said yesterday.

Christian Wohlgemuth, of the 8200 block of Scotts Level Road, told investigating officers that he picked up the man around noon on Remington Avenue and took him to a bar on Greenmount Avenue where they had several drinks.

Later, Mr. Wohlgemuth told police, he drove the man to Whitelock Avenue to buy a $10 bag of heroin and back to his apartment in the 200 block of Lorraine Ave., where he injected the drugs.

The two drove to Harford Road, where Mr. Wohlgemuth told police he bought another $10 bag of heroin for the suspect, then took him to an unidentified restaurant on the Eastern Shore for lunch, police said.

After lunch, Mr. Wohlgemuth told police, he drove to an access road to a pumping station off Bay Green Drive, near the Bay Hills Golf Course, where the man asked for more money for heroin.

When Mr. Wohlgemuth refused, the man pulled a pocket knife and took his money, his watch, a fake diamond ring, and the keys to his 1984 Chevrolet Celebrity, police said he told them.

Police said Mr. Wohlgemuth described the suspect as a white male about 29 years old. He is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 156 pounds, police said. He has curly blond, collar length hair, blue eyes and a tattoo on either his right or left arm with the letters CMH or CWH. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and shorts.

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