Man, 18, has heart attack as evidence is swallowed

June 01, 1994

An 18-year-old man was in stable condition at Anne Arundel Medical Center after suffering a heart attack brought on when he swallowed drugs that he was allegedly trying to hide in his mouth, police said.

Antoin Thompson of the 100 block of Victor Parkway was taken to the hospital about 7 p.m. Saturday. Police said officers and hospital workers spent more than an hour trying to get him to spit out what was in his mouth, but he refused. The drugs were recovered after he suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest, according to police reports.

The reports say an officer on routine patrol saw Mr. Thompson standing in the 100 block of Taylor Ave. and handing a motorist something in a plastic bag.

Police said Mr. Thompson put several remaining bags in his mouth when the officers approached. Police ordered him to take the bags out of his mouth, then tried to force open his mouth but to no avail, police said.

Officers then took Mr. Thompson to Anne Arundel Medical Center. Along the way, the officer transporting him saw him trying to hide something in the car, police said. Police searched the vehicle and found $150 worth of crack cocaine, the report said.

Doctors and nurses at the hospital tried to persuade Mr. Thompson to spit out the substance in his mouth. The hospital staff wanted to discharge Mr. Thompson, but police refused to take him. As they prepared an application for a search and seizure warrant, Mr. Thompson, who suffers from asthma, passed out, police said.

Doctors treating him dislodged a plastic bag containing crack cocaine. Mr. Thompson coughed up another bag containing marijuana and PCP.

Man robbed 2nd time trying to recover cycle

An Annapolis man was robbed twice Sunday, once by a gang of men who took his motorcycle, police said.

Arthur Dodson Adams, 35, of the first block of Skippers Court told police that he had been riding the motorcycle in the 1900 block of Copeland Road about 2:30 a.m. Sunday when a group of eight to 10 men assaulted him and took the motorcycle.

On Sunday afternoon, Mr. Adams and his girlfriend, Robyn Gayle Moseley, 35, went back to the 1900 block of Copeland Road, carrying his stereo, a Winchester rifle, and a pair of dress pants, police said.

It seems Mr. Adams planned to offer the merchandise as a reward for the return of his motorcycle, police said.

One man told him he knew the motorcycle's location and asked Mr. Adams and Ms. Moseley to follow him. In the 900 block of Royal St., the man pulled out a gun. Another man approached with a shotgun and told the couple to drop their merchandise, worth $1,570, and leave, police said.

A little later, police arrested Marwin Carlyle Wallace, 23, of Hyattsville and charged him with armed robbery, robbery, two counts of assault, two counts of reckless endangerment, using a gun in a felony and theft. He was being held in the county jail in lieu of $150,000.

Alleged drug buy ends in violence

A Severna Park man was beaten and his car smashed in an alleged Annapolis drug deal that went bad, police said.

Police said Gregory McKenzie Phillips, 36, of the 900 block of Baltimore and Annapolis Blvd. told them he had gone to the 1800 block of Bowman Road early Sunday morning to buy drugs.

He said he gave a man $20, but the man didn't give him any drugs, police said. According to his statement, eight to 10 men then came up to the vehicle and started hitting it and jumping on it, police said. The car's roof caved in and the windshield was smashed.

The mob then pried open the door, pulled Mr. Phillips out of his car, beat him and stole $380, police said. Mr. Phillips refused medical treatment, according to the report.

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