Glenelg grads have head start on life 1994 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATIONS

June 01, 1994|By Erik Nelson | Erik Nelson,Sun Staff Writer

Parents, relatives and friends shifted about uncomfortably in their seats in the Glenelg High School auditorium last night.

Then most gave up wondering whether Principal James T. McGregor was serious and began to get closer to the person next to them, and stared, eyeball to eyeball.

"When you look close enough, you can see yourself," he told them, and the black-gowned young men and red-gowned young women who were about to graduate.

The 248 graduates are all going out into a world that is very different from the one they knew in school, "a world in trouble," Mr. McGregor said.

"Each of you is going to have to contribute something to it, and you're going to have to think big."

But the Glenelg High School Class of 1994 had already started making its contribution, he said later, after the diplomas were awarded, the caps flew, balloons burst and cheers filled the hall.

"They are, overall, a very giving and generous group," he said as the last few students and family members milled out of the auditorium. "This was the class that was responsible for that helmet law. It was this class, when at Glenwood [Middle School], when they started pushing for that.

The landmark law requiring county bicyclists to protect themselves with helmets was the result of the Oct. 12, 1989, cycling death of Chris Kelly, who would have graduated last night.

But there will be other challenges, and a very different world to look forward to, warned the commencement speaker, Kevin Cowherd, a columnist for The Evening Sun.

"Sure there are great challenges facing us today -- challenges having to do with the economy, with race, with the environment, among others -- but we'll meet them with the same resolve used to overcome all the challenges of the past. . . .

"Actually, the best advice I can give you graduates is: Don't listen to advice -- at least not from people who don't care about you. The people who really care about you are your parents, your brothers and sisters, your relatives and close friends. Listen to them when they speak. Seek out their counsel . . . these are the people you want to consult when making important decisions."

Outside after the ceremony, Marguerite Rupsis, 18, of Lisbon, huddled with her fellow graduates. "We feel good!" she shouted, prompting her friends to blast a chorus of "We feel good, oh, we feel so GOOD!"


Alicia Susanne Adams

Dana Mary Allinson

Kolja Johannes Altermann

Daniel Alexander Ballantine

Erin Michelle Barker

Marc Edward Barron

Gina Maria Basso

Joseph Marvin Bell Jr.

Kristy Ann Bennett

William Joseph Benz

Scott David Bissell

Kelli Virginia Bobb

Marc Alexander Bolea

Donald Brian Boteler

Leah April Bowman

Elizabeth Ellen Brittle

Laura Jean Broderick

Jessica Lynn Brown

Kevin Douglas Brown

Tracy Renee Brown

Shannon Catherine Brunson

Milton Buchler III

Matthew Tobias Buening

Kelly Elizabeth Burchett

Julia Anna Burk

Mandi Lee Burns

Steven George Carroll

Kelly Anne Casper

Carmen Marie Castiglia

James Stuart Cauley

Reza Jazwin Chatab

Tara Annette Chaudry

Emily Elizabeth Chayt

Jean-Paul Chevalier

Jason Alan Clough

Linnet Susan Cochrane

John Wayne Cogswell

Tiana Lynn Coll

Sara Michael Conners

Brian Matthew Connors

Kristy Latrice Conway

Robert Anthony Cook

Sonya Marie Cook

Steven Nelson Coon

Amy Christine Corbett

Christian George Cordisco

Jeffrey Robert Cordisco

Brian Matthew Corrick

Joseph Francis Costello

Brandon Richard Crabb

Molly Patricia Creel

Ralph Oliver Cullison IV

Kevin Carl Curtin

Marissa Dane

Marisa Jenny Davidson

Mark Douglas Diver

Bradley Steven Dockins

Michael Andrew Donaldson

Cheryl Ann Dove

Wilber Eugene Dove

Lauren Nicole Doyle

Karyn Ann Duff

Gwyneth Meghan

Kathleen Duncan

Scott Dederick Duncan

Jeffrey Newton Dunlap

Melinda Joy Durbin

Jeffrey Alan Duvall

Douglas Kristin Edwards

Michael Howard Egan

Michele Lynn Farley

Jennifer Anne Ferraro

Lara Nicole Ferris

Christina Marie Flowers

Courtney Ann Floyd

Jennifer Lea Frank

Lynne Marie Freed

Megan Elizabeth Gafke

Ryan Curtis Gainey

Daniel Charles Gardner

Cynthia Theresa Gasch

Matthew Howard Gibson

Angela Christine Giffin

Tracey Lynn Gillis

John Monroe Golding Jr.

Kristin Elizabeth Gordon

Kyle Gammon Greenman

Pierre-Yves Grenier

Graham Day Guerra

Kimberly Denise Hackett

Rachel Carrie Haddaway

Stuart Mosby Hamer

Nicole Kimberly Harding

Ehab Sayed Hassan

Jeremy Heath

Simon John Hellyer

Erin Hemler

Wilson Omar Cerritos Henriquez

Toby Wesley Heusser

John Jarvis Hieatzman

Thomas Taylor Hobbs

Kenneth William Holman

Harold Lee Holmes

Raymond Phillip Holter

Molly Elizabeth Hood

Craig Mitchell Hooker

Heather Mary Grace Horan

Jason Christopher Hough

Kenneth David Houston

George William Howson

Heather Lynn Huber

Sandra Elizabeth Ingraham

Richard Christopher Isaacs

Amy Rachel Jacques

Brandon Amery Jaworski

Bradley Allen Jenkins

Katherine Elizabeth Johnson

Kevin James Johnson

Michael Glen Johnson

Jeffrey Thomas Karabaich

Katherine Melissa Katzenberger

Kathryn Jane Kennedy

Jason Scott Keplinger

Emily Beth Kessler

Jodi Schane Kielman

Karise Gray Killian

Patricia Ellen Kilroy

Michelle Lynn Koncer

Melissa Anne Konold

Howard Franklin Joseph Koontz

John Peter Kozora

Damion Michael Krauss

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