3 optimistic Centennial graduates belie dreary 'Lost Generation' label 1994 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATIONS

June 01, 1994|By Mark Guidera | Mark Guidera,Sun Staff Writer

Apparently no one told Amita Shukla, David Almquist or Jenny Jie Lee that they are part of the disillusioned, unmotivated and bleak-minded new "Lost Generation."

A more accurate label for the three 18-year-olds -- and much of their senior class that graduated last night from Centennial High School -- might be the "Pumped Generation."

"This is one talented group of kids," said Karen Goins, a guidance counselor at Centennial.

Jennifer Lee and Robert Hawthorne, two of five student speakers chosen by the class, urged their fellow graduates to reach for high goals and to continue learning.

"Never compromise and never quit. Seize the day," Jennifer said.

Robert told his classmates to "go into the world with our heads high, ready to explore, always thinking, 'I wonder.' "

The 289 graduates held center stage at last night's commencement ceremonies at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County's Field House.

They continued a tradition at the 15-year-old Ellicott City school by sending more than 90 percent -- 268 students, or 93 percent -- of their graduating class to two- and four-year colleges.

Many students impressed colleges they applied to: Centennial's 1994 grads have been offered $1.8 million combined in college scholarships.

"This class is very diverse ethnically, intellectually, and socially," said David, who was named his school's scholar-athlete.

The endeavors and plans of Amita, Jenny and David offer snapshots of Centennial's goal-oriented 1994 graduating class. The trio also are evidence of the rich ethnic diversity of their class.

Graduate Jenny's scholarship and admittance to Cornell University is a dream come true for her Chinese-born parents, who moved to the United States nine years ago.

The speech and debate team member's 3.95 grade average landed her in the top 5 percent of her class and in the National Honor Society.

She credits her mother's insistence on education and hard work, and the high school's interesting humanities program, for her interest in learning and her success. A legal career interests her right now.

As for Amita, the daughter of two scientists, both born in India, she's headed for Harvard University. A high point of her Centennial years: the National Merit Scholar won first place at the International Science & Engineering Fair this past year in Alabama. Her project determined the biological reason that her grandmother's home remedy for gum disease -- chewing a nut extract -- is effective.

The articulate and outgoing teen also found time, while maintaining a perfect 4.0 grade average, to participate in the school's speech and debate team, work as the school newspaper's feature editor, and volunteer at a local charity assisting new immigrants in the county. Her aims: a doctorate and a medical degree.

University of Virginia-bound David, the son of a career Army officer and a high school teacher, has landed a Navy ROTC scholarship that will pay his tuition for four years.

While maintaining a high grade average, David participated in the French and Celtic Studies clubs, and competed on the tennis, track, wrestling and football teams.

"If you have a real interest in learning and getting involved Centennial is the place to be," said David. "So many teachers are willing to work for you; there's a tradition of excelling and a thirst for learning."


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Jesse Howard de Vore

Arnab Deb Gupta

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Nicole Kelly Doyle

Amber Diane Drazdys

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