Area high school seniors bid educated farewells


May 31, 1994|By JEAN LESLIE

This week, high school seniors across the county will celebrate the end of their secondary educations and the commencement of their lives as young citizens.

Howard High School holds its graduation tonight in the school's auditorium.

Guidance counselor Linda Wise says that the staff works to make it a "warm, happy event."

The graduating students themselves play a large role in the ceremony.

Smitha Hanumaiah will open the evening with remarks. The student welcome is by Kim Booker, and the student address by Amanda Holbrook. Kerri Knighton, Enlai Weng, Jennifer Cavanaugh and David Titus will provide reflections on their experiences at Howard.

The band and the madrigal singers will perform.

The seniors voted on which faculty member they would like to hear as faculty speaker. Chosen was guidance counselor Dave Glenn, who will give the commencement talk.

Last Thursday, Howard High held its annual Senior Awards Assembly. The Faculty Awards were some of the most significant, because the teachers -- those who know the students best -- voted on them.

The Meritorious Award, the highest academic award the school gives, went to two outstanding students: Gabe Cronin and Jennifer Fox.

The Award of Excellence, given for best all-around academic performance and extracurricular participation, went to Dave Titus and Eleanor Wilkinson.

The Unsung Heroes Award, given to those who quietly work behind the scenes, went to Jennifer Canoles and Eddie Encina.

The Achievement Award was given to students who demonstrated extraordinary growth and improvement in their high school careers: Stacy Combs and John Hunt.

The School Service Award went to Jason Meyenburg, who served the school with many hours in the media center as a

member of the technical crew and with the computer.

Three students were highlighted for their perfect attendance: Leslie Harmon, perfect attendance for four years; Michelle Harding, for six years; and Emily Hurley, for 10 years.


Centennial High School will hold its graduation at 8 tonight in the University of Maryland Baltimore County field house.

One of those who walks across the stage will be my own daughter Brigid Leslie.

From your whole family, Brigid, we wish for your bright future. Congratulations on all your hard work.


Mount Hebron High School will hold its graduation Thursday at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Dr. Joan Palmer, formerly of the Howard County schools, who now works at the Maryland State '' Department of Education, will be the commencement speaker.

Mount Hebron held its awards ceremony Thursday.

Faculty members from each discipline joined to elect students as each discipline's student of the year.

Art teachers nominated Thesea Solury and Jonathon Poliszuk for art students of the year.

The 1994 business student was Eric Lottes; and the English faculty nominated Jenie Ching-hua Liang.

Foreign language teachers chose Sarah Boyer as French student of the year, Lisa Hickman German, Jennie Ott Latin, and Kristen Lloyd Spanish.

The math faculty nominated Zachary Kulis, the social studies department honored Leslie Bae, and the science department nominated Myong Joo Jung.

The instrumental music honoree was Robert Wardwell, and the voice student was McKinley Dwyer.

The female physical education honoree was Sarah Lewis, and the male physical education honoree was Njari Patters.

The technology education student honored was Patrick Donahue, and the vocational education honoree was Ahn Thuong Duong.

The faculty elected as Outstanding Senior for service, scholarship and leadership Min Kim, who was so designated by a medallion, which he will wear at graduation.

The Hall of Fame for extracurricular activities was joined by 1994's Min Kim and Emily Yanero.

I'd like to lend my voice in offering best wishes for the futures of all 1994's graduating seniors.


Howard Community College honored graduating seniors on April at the Evening of Excellence.

This year's Centennial High School honorees include Gena Baer, Adriane Faust, David Fessler, Kelly George, Brady Houseknecht, Sara Hume, Lisa Keown, Emily Knox, C.P. Krishnamurthy, Andre Lee, Bill Parham and Amita Shukla.

Congratulations are also in order for Nicole Doyle, finalist in the 1994 competition for Achievement Studies; and Charles Morris, first place winner in the competition for Diesel/Equipment Mechanics.

Centennial seniors and their parents thank the five mothers who acted as sponsors for the class. Kudos to Joan Bielski, Kathy Christine, Kathy Gaudio, Ginny Timmins and Barbara Windish for your dedication and uncounted volunteer hours.


The Elkridge Jaycees will spend Saturday morning on the road this week. It's their chosen time to clean up the portion of Route 1 they maintain in the Maryland State Adopt-a-Highway program.

On Sunday, Friends of Whipps Cemetery threw an open house and community walk for neighbors to see the old cemetery all dressed up.

The people who worked so hard to pretty up the graves were students from Mount View Middle School, working to fulfill their community service.

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