25 Years Ago* Nasser invaded Israel, the Soviets conducted...


May 29, 1994|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County

25 Years Ago

* Nasser invaded Israel, the Soviets conducted massive naval maneuvers in the Mediterranean Sea and, toward the end of the day, launched a full-scale nuclear attack on the United States. These were some of the conditions which prevailed during the Emergency Operation simulation in Carroll County last Wednesday. Col. Howard E. Neuman, civil defense coordinator for the University of Maryland, who ran the operation, said that the choice of disasters was not meant to be a comment on the world situation at this time. -- Democratic Advocate, June 2, 1969.

75 Years Ago

* Tuesday night marked an epoch in the history of Plymouth Lodge, No. 143 A.F. and A.M. when its 50th anniversary was celebrated with a fitting program. Of the 10 original members, three are still living, two of whom demited many years ago, leaving but one of the original members, J. M. Hollenberger, of Keymar, who was present at the exercises. -- Union Bridge Pilot, May 23, 1919.

100 Years Ago

* The dam of Bish's mill at Cranberry Station gave way about 2 a.m. Monday under the pressure of the accumulated water caused by the heavy rains of the previous 30 hours. A gap about eight feet wide was made in the dam, through which the water rushed, inundating the meadows and lowlands below and carrying with it great quantities of fish, principally German carp which were left in pools or in the shallow water of the stream when the water subsided. Some very large fish were caught. George Dorsey, colored, who was looking on as a spectator, chanced to spy a monster eel working its way toward deep water, and, after disabling it with a club, secured it as a prize. -- American Sentinel, May 26, 1894.

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