Political lights come out for tribute to Cas Taylor

May 29, 1994|By SYLVIA BADGER

It was an interesting gathering of people who paid $200 a ticket to attend a "Tribute to Taylor," at the Omni Hotel Monday night. Taylor, not exactly a household name, is Cas Taylor, a Western Maryland delegate who recently served his first term as speaker of the House of Delegates, although he's been in the legislature for 20 years.

It could have been a party for Gov. William Donald Schaefer, because the ballroom was filled with many of his longtime cronies, cabinet members, politicos, lobbyists and corporate types whom I have seen around him for many years.

More than 1,200 people stood in line to shake hands with Governor Schaefer, Mr. Taylor and his wife, Polly, who looked spiffy in a new purple suit that she bought at a Casual Corner store while out on a shopping trip with Carole Alexander, wife of Gary, speaker pro tem last session.

Here's a sample of the people I saw: Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Bill Bauersfeld, Joseph P. Carroll, Del. John Arnick, Fran Tracy, Jim Hindman, Sue Hess, Bruce Bereano, Frank Goldstein, Bruce Hoffman, Jim Piper, State Comptroller Louie Goldstein, Alan Rifkin, Brit Kerwin, John Erickson, Senate President Mike Miller, Zelig Robinson, Irv Kidwell, Sonny Mothershead, Del. Ann Marie Doory; Secretary of Corrections Bishop Robinson, Bob Pascal, Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene Nelson Sabatini, John Files and Ed Crook, Gerry Brewster, Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources Torrey Brown, Freeman Hrabowski, Buddy Jenkins, Lou Grasmick and his perhaps soon-to-be candidate wife, Nancy, who is the state superintendent of schools, Dick Hug, Larry Gibson, Joe DeFrancis, Attorney General Joe Curran, who was so pleased that his artistic wife, Barbara, recently won honors from her peers in the Charcoal Club, and Greg Russell, director of finance for the Maryland Port Authority, who was chatting with the new port director Michael Angelos. Rumor is that Russell is a strong candidate to be the deputy director of the port.

Finally, take a look at the committee who put the salute together -- Michael Barnes, Fred D'Alessio, James Ron DeJulis, Matt DeVito, Tom Finan Jr., Warren Hartenstein, Marsha Jews, Winfield Kelly, John McDaniel, Ed Mohler, John Paterakis, Frank and Mitzi Perdue, and Buddy Zamoiski. Big hitters, but I suspect they couldn't have had that kind of turnout in a 3 1/2 -week time period without the help of the governor's top aide and arm twister, Lainy LeBow Sachs, and outgoing Speaker Pro Tem Gary Alexander.


Reunions always bring back memories, and that was certainly the case at the Aquarium's Reunion Evening honoring retired board of governors chairmen Neal Borden, Hank Butta, Frank Gunther and Dick Hug. It was Gunther's announcement that he would retire as chairman of the board for the second time that prompted the party. (Gunther was COB from 1977-'83 and again from 1991 to the present.)

Founders and friends of the aquarium gathered at the Marine Mammal Pavilion for a program emceed by Butta, where Governor Schaefer and aquarium director Nick Brown sang the praises of all the chairmen, especially Gunther.

The Classic Catering People served a delicious dinner to guests Mayor Kurt Schmoke, architect Peter Chermayeff, Jim and Wealtha Flick, he's the current COB; Stan Heuisler, Columbus Center; Steuart Frankel and his wife, Lyn; Sally and Butch Michael, Sally was still beaming from her exciting day at Goucher College where she received an honorary degree witnessed by her friend, the governor; Mary Ellen, Frank's wife, and their daughter, Mary Roman Gunther; Larry Rachuba; Kathy and Joel Sher; Lois Hug; Martin and Meredith Millspaugh; Connie Parr and Carter Middendorf.

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