Around the house* When finished painting, wipe off excess...


May 28, 1994

Around the house

* When finished painting, wipe off excess paint from can and lid and apply vegetable shortening around rims. This provides an airtight seal but allows easy opening next time.

* Welcome summer. Fill an empty fireplace with houseplants or a bouquet of baby's breath.

* A cloth measuring tape will easily measure irregularly shaped objects for workshop projects.

* Seal small holes in window screens with clear cement glue. The repair will be almost invisible.

* Store children's outdoor toys in 30-gallon garbage containers. Label contents on top of each lid and keep container close to the play area in your yard.

* Update your front door with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware; the change looks as good as a new door and is less expensive.

In the garden

* Determine the pH level of your soil by purchasing a soil testing kit or calling your local extension agency. An abundance of mushrooms, moss or fungi in the lawn is indicative of an imbalance and lime may need to be applied to the soil.

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