May 27, 1994|By Robert H. Deluty

Old story:

The secret to your long and happy


My wife makes all minor decisions, and

I'm responsible for all major ones.

Minor decisions?

Like, should we buy or rent?

How should we discipline the children?

Where should we invest our savings?

Should we put Mom in a nursing home?

And your major decisions?

Is there a God?

How do we achieve racial harmony?

What is the meaning of life?

Current story:

A marriage of equal partners, with each

Balancing career and family,

Providing child care and public service.

Delighting in the mysteries of God and

of 2-year-olds.

Working to lessen strife among

-! nations and between siblings.

Seeking solace in the Great Books

& and a spouse's caress.

Taking time to search for

& philosophic truths and

For a little girl's missing sneakers.

Striving to have it all, but

Without any illusion of achieving it.

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