Man cited for keeping too many dogs

May 27, 1994

Anne Arundel County animal control officials found no mistreatment of the dogs Tyrone Watson keeps on his property in the 1200 block of Defense Highway, but county zoning mailed him a citation for having more than four dogs, officials said yesterday.

Tahira S. Williams, chief of the county's Animal Control division, said that she and a field supervisor, along with a county zoning inspector, visited Mr. Watson's home on Monday.

"There was no mistreatment of the way the dogs were treated. They were all well-cared for and well-fed," she said.

But Ms. Williams also said that there are more than 15 dogs on the premises. The maximum allowed under county law without a special exception is four. The citation mailed to Mr. Watson Tuesday gives him 30 days to reduce the number of dogs to four or apply for the special exception, Ms. Williams said.

If he does neither by June 24, he could be sent to jail for six months, fined $1,000 or pay civil penalties of a $50 ticket for his first violation and $500 for subsequent violations, Ms. Williams said.

Mr. Watson was charged May 19 with cruelty to animals when two of his pet bulldogs mauled his pet pig. Mr. Watson told police that the pig had left the property and he sent the dogs to catch it.

But the dogs mangled the pig so badly that police officers had to shoot and kill it.

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