What would a baseball season be without a chance to sit in...


May 26, 1994

What would a baseball season be without a chance to sit in the stands and punch tiny holes in a computer card? The tradition continues this year with balloting for the 1994 All-Star Game, July 12 at Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium. This year's voting, which continues until June 27, is being supervised by The Baseball Network. Network chief executive officer and president Ken Schanzer spoke recently with The Sun's Mark Hyman.

Q: How many ballots are out there?

A: Sixty-five million. That's up significantly from last year, when some 38 million were printed. Texaco [the ballot sponsor] has helped us broaden distribution.

Q: How many ballots will be cast?

A: The most ever is 12 1/2 million. Eight and a half [million] were cast last year. Our hope is that we'll do more this year.

Q: One player who belongs in the All-Star Game isn't on the ballot. What's the deal with the Yankees' Paul O'Neill?

A: In spring training, [Yankees general manager] Gene Michael walked into clubhouse and talked to the four Yankee outfielders -- [Luis] Polonia, O'Neill, [Bernie] Williams and Danny Tartbull. He said: 'Guys, I can only put three of you on the ballot.' They decided to draw straws, and O'Neill got the short one.

Q: When will the teams be announced?

A: We start releasing [partial] results publicly June 1. Then, every Monday or Tuesday thereafter. We'll announce the entire team on July 3 on NBC in a special All-Star announcement show. Not only the starters, but the entire teams, which obviously won't be known until the managers make their selections.

The show will feature interviews with the managers and some of the players. NBC commentators -- Bob Costas, Bob Uecker and Joe Morgan -- will be involved, addressing the reasons for the selections.

Q: Have you voted?

A: Not yet. I'm waiting. But I will.

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