Dosek re-elected head of Crofton Association

May 25, 1994|By Katherine Richards | Katherine Richards,Sun Staff Writer

Edwin Dosek, current president of the Crofton Civic Association, has won a third term in office after defeating CCA secretary Martin Szostek by a comfortable margin.

In an election that ended late Monday, Mr. Dosek garnered 454 votes to Mr. Szostek's 295 votes. The candidates had clashed over Crofton's budget and its $29,000 community counselor program.

"What this election means is that the people of Crofton are smart voters," Mr. Dosek, who supported the program. said yesterday. "They do not succumb to campaign rhetoric."

He said the election should not be interpreted as a referendum on the counselor position. Mr. Szostek had wanted a vote on the counselor program. The message sent by Crofton voters, he said, was, "We're happy with what you've been doing, and we want you for another two years."

Mr. Szostek congratulated the winners yesterday and said he would "definitely" remain involved in Crofton's civic affairs. He did not speculate on why he lost, but said, "I wish that more people had taken the opportunity to vote."

Only 835 people, about 17 percent of those eligible, voted. That was more than last year's turnout, Mr. Dosek said, but well below the record numbers who voted in a hotly contested race four years ago.

This year's turnout was especially low in districts with uncontested board races.

Michael Canning, running unopposed, won the District 1 seat with 27 votes. In District 3, Katherine Puhak, running unopposed, won with 85 votes.

In District 2, Catherine Trebelhorn, with 175 votes, defeated Arlo

"Pete" Pedersen, who received 116 votes. Both were incumbents, thrown into competition by a change in bylaws that reduced the number of board members and redrew district lines.

Sheila Schneider won District 4, with 107 votes, narrowly defeating Mark Hagerty, who had 90 votes.

In District 5, Richard Trunnell outdistanced Linda VanSickel by a vote of 128 to 60.

Incumbent board member Ken Folstein was elected vice president over John Curtis III, on a 530 to 241 vote. Sharon Titcomb, running unopposed for secretary, garnered 726 votes.

In the race for treasurer, John Maloney received 429 votes, defeating Edward Ganning, with 260 votes, and Thomas Neal, with 113.

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