Angelos says Oates should not worry about keeping job

May 24, 1994|By Tom Keegan | Tom Keegan,Sun Staff Writer

MILWAUKEE -- Orioles majority owner Peter Angelos said a published report that indicated manager Johnny Oates' job is in jeopardy was "without basis."

"There's been no discussion of replacing the manager," Angelos said. "That's pure conjecture."

The meat of a report that appeared in yesterday's editions of the Washington Post was a second-hand, anonymous quote from "a top club official," who was quoted as saying that Angelos "won't let things go on like this forever."

L The Orioles were on a 93-win pace at the time of the report.

"It's true I'm concerned about the recent performance of the team, but I have not reached any conclusive judgments regarding any member of the team and certainly not in respect to the manager," Angelos said. "The report in the Post was without basis, although I have expressed my concerns regarding the performance of the team."

Asked if he felt as strongly about Oates now as he did when he extended his contract, Angelos said: "I'm not going to make a judgment based on 40 games. I don't believe that would be appropriate."

Angelos had not placed a call to Oates to discuss the report, but he said he may talk to him today, when he will be in Milwaukee to meet with Brewers owner Bud Selig.

"I don't think he should be concerned," Angelos said of Oates, who signed a two-year contract extension after last season. "If reassurance is in order, I have no problem giving him that reassurance."

Orioles general manager Roland Hemond said he did not think Oates had any reason to fear for his job.

"Not in my mind," he said. "I think he's done very well. Without Sid Fernandez, then Chris Sabo, now Jeffrey Hammonds, we've held our own."

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